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Q. What is Carbrook Golf Club known for?

A. Carbrook Golf Club in Australia has a lake ( a hazard in golf terms) with 8-10 full grown bull sharks living in it. It has become a big attraction for the players and corporate organisers. People often pause their game to catch a glimpse of sharks.

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Do you know the 24-second Rule ?

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A Basketball Game | by Jurvetson

In international basketball, a team has 24 seconds in which to try for a goal after gaining possession of the ball.  If they fail to shoot during that period, possession is handed to the other team.



Month 3-Word of the day 22


Trampolining is a sport where stunts are performed on a trampoline. A trampoline consist of a bed of solid material that is suspended from a steel frame by steel springs. Legs about one meter high support the trampoline.

The elasticity of the trampoline allows a person to bounce to considerable heights. Some competitors bounce as high as 6 meters and twist and somersault before landing.

Trampoline dates back to the 1930s when an American named George Nissen developed the forerunner of the modern trampoline in his garage.

The first world championships in trampolining were held in the 1960s.

Sports Bytes


In cricket, the captains of the two sides have to toss for the choice of innings on the field of play, not earlier than 30 minutes nor later than 15 minutes before the scheduled time of play.

The captain of the winning side has to notify the opposing captain of his decision to bat or field. Once this has been communicated, the decision cannot be altered.


RIP Muhammad Ali.



It has been said that he can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee,

He started out a young man Cassius Clay, as a man known better as Muhammad Ali.

Opinions were plenty, from his mouth he did speak,

He believed in many causes fore he was not weak.

In the ring fought did he quick and strong,

Danced and moved till his opponent could not go on.

His strategy was strange to let one hit him but not go down,

Then tire you out and knock you to the ground.

He always wore a smile, never to frown,

In the end, this champion would wear his crown.

Keith Garrett

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