Having a Big Dream

The wise one believes in himself when many don’t really value themselves as much as they should. Many think that life would be better off, if they were somebody else. The reason is that they undervalue their talents, skills and worth, which lie hidden to be tapped. They refuse to meet new challenges because they feel that they are not equipped sufficiently to face them. To become wise, we should read, observe, listen and watch with unprejudiced eyes instead of living in a small well like a frog, without seeing the real world outside. Reading is essential for growth. It gives a new novel dimension to our lives. It helps us to know and understand each other and the world better; to see beneath exteriors and wipe out limitations and boundaries. All of us have illusions. People sit for hours before Roulettes and Rotating wheels hoping and dreaming to hit the jackpot.

H.A. Overstreet writes: “A person is not mature until he has both the ability and willingness to see himself among others and to do unto others as he would have them do unto him. Life is meant to be celebrated. Wise is the person who finds a reason to make everyday a special one. Many observe festivals on a particular day. Well, if think of a God, every day is a festival. Every moment, we can celebrate, if only we recognize that God is with us and within us all the time.

Jimmy Meyer says: “If you control your thoughts and you walk, talk and think the way you would like to become, you will eventually become that.” There is no magic place where all the lucky stars converge. There will never be a test for who can be successful? You have got to cut them open and see what is inside to see the goodies. The rainbow never appears unless there is rain, lightning and thunder. According to Socrates, the Greek philosopher, there are three main keys to success. First is never to give up. Second, to have a sense of urgency and stay away from negative and cynical people. Third, have a big dream and concentrate on it. The saying is: “If you forget where you came from, it is harder to get where you are going!”

~ T.G.L. Iyer


Are you living your life fully?

The universe is an inexhaustible flow of abundance. If you feel you haven’t dealt life fairly, then you are the only one who is keeping yourself from experiencing it. To get unstuck, you have to have the willingness and the courage to look at your life and your beliefs which surround your life in the areas of health, relationships, abundance and creative expression or soulful purpose. It means facing these issues and taking action to bring about change in your life.

Live a Life Worthy of the Calling

Live a Life Worthy of the Calling

By thinking about your fears and writing them down, change has already begun to take place. Even if you still choose to ignore them, or if they pass through your mind’s eye while you are reflecting, you have already had a glimpse of them and they are now in your consciousness. Just by writing them down, opens you to a shift that will take place because you have acknowledged them in writing it down. It seems so painful and difficult but it can be so simple and easy. As you open up and become more truthful, the intensity of the issues is quickly dissipated.

Remember you cannot control life! But you do have the power to control your life through your consciousness, your beliefs, and your attitudes about your life!

Take a few deep breaths and let go of all your worries, fears and doubts. With each deep breath, you take in, breathe in lots of love and light. On each exhale, let go of everything that does not serve you at the moment. Breathe fully with awareness until you are feeling peaceful and calm from within. When you have reached this space…begin writing.

Your obituary

  • Write what you think about your obituary would say, how others perceive you.
  • Write about how you perceive your life.


  • What haven’t you done that you would like to be doing?
  • What are your fears and doubts that keep you from living more fully?
  • How can you go about manifesting these desires?
  • What steps can you take to begin living your life more fully?

~ Amrita Bharati

Living Authentically and Fully

Living life fully and authentically takes great courage. The courage is necessary to trust our own inner guidance and then be able to take action on it. Sometimes we are so unconscious and unaware of our own true feelings, wants and desires that it blocks our ability to move forward and live life fully and completely.  And other times, we do not take action on something that we know would be a good thing because of fear,  whether it is fear of our own emotional nature or fear of what others will think.  Friends, family, and society have compiled quite a bit of influence on our ability to take action in life.

Live your life your way

Live your life your way… The rest will take care of itself. Image credit- Flickr

Many have an inner nagging for something that one just cannot put one’s finger on. This elusive need for fulfillment drives us in search of our True Self.  It is beneficial to have this nagging. When we search for our truth, we usually find it deep within ourselves. This truth often is found by inner reflection, contemplation, and meditation. Therefore, it is essential that we take a break in our thoughts and activities and go inside ourselves to hear, know, see or feel the truth. Inner reflection provides part of the living out loud experience.

When we agreed to come back to Earth into this lifetime, into this life experience with these life circumstances and people in this location on the planet, it wasn’t by accident. It was by design. It was our own design in alignment with the Divine Will and Divine Guidance prior to our descent onto this planet. We are co-creators of our own spiritual evolvement.  There are certain life experiences that we are meant to have. Until we find the courage to have that life experience or to have some realization of the True Self or the authentic life, we will continue to return again and again. We have the opportunity to evolve and ascend our spiritual nature. In doing so, we may assist either here or from the spirit world after we leave this incarnation. We are a crucial key to the positive evolution,  of Planet Earth, aligning with peace, joy, happiness and Love.

~ Margaret Ann Lembo

Ukigumo: Floating Cloud

(701-762 C.E.)

Floating Cloud or Ukigumo is FooYun in Chinese, embodying a philosophical point of view. As a cloud comes into existence then disappears, so too is life a floating cloud which becomes death. The mind, too, has thoughts that are like floating clouds that form and uniform. Our very flesh is a floating cloud that grows from nothing into something then falls back into the void.


Image courtesy-amazon.com

Before the beginning we did not exist, then we existed, and finally, we became as we were before. If we are quiet within, we can experience the whole of this circle of existence and non-existence as a continuum, as though we are the empty space inside a closed circle, and not merely physical beings each with a specific beginning that proceeds in a straight line towards finality.

A floating cloud is anything, such as life’s crises and delightful surprises, that appear as from out of nowhere, and run their course whether pleasant or unpleasant. To see beyond the floating cloud of existence, beyond the body’s pleasures and pains, is to see beyond illusion to the true heart of reality.

Such is the intention of a Zen practitioner on the road to nirvana, difficult though it is not be distracted by the rewards and travails that continuously appear and vanish.

The floating cloud is also the abode of the gods of the Tao. Their Kingdom of Clouds is a mountainous retreat instantly perceivable as a divine residence, with sheer cliffs obscured by mist and cascading rivers and waterfalls that tumble into ancient forests.

The floating cloud as Chinese Eden embodies all of Nature as a reflection of a wholesome paradise so near to one’s vision that it seems as though we might reach out with an open hand and grasp the white mist and bright dawn, even though our hands cannot clutch light and mist, and the vision is only painted screen or a dream. And it is only by never grasping can that such a paradise will prevail.

I shall think of you in a floating cloud;

So in the sunset think of me.

 ~ Li Po

Nonduality- Rising above illusion

Nonduality is a philosophy, which says that there is just one spirit in the Universe and that everything, living or inanimate is part of this one spirit. Nonduality further says that it is the only illusion that causes us to view the world as real and separate from us.

And with respect to the real meaning of non-duality, since they divide these (Space and Awareness) into two, they fall into deviation.

Imagine a state, in which you feel being one with everything in the universe, enjoying immense peace of mind and happiness, but yet, acting and functioning normally in your day-to-day life. From this state you don’t see the world from the limited point of view of the ego, but from a wider and higher viewpoint. In this state your experience oneness with the One Spirit that is the essence of everything, and you manifest tolerance, patience, love and understanding and deep insight. This is the experience of nonduality.

Ordinarily, the veil of thoughts and the five senses draw the mind outside, to the external world, and obscure the awareness of the consciousness that is beyond the mind. Meditation brings peace to the mind and develops the ability to silence it, thus enabling to experience the “state” of nonduality. In this state of inner silence, one rises above the illusion of identification with the mind, thoughts, and ego gets beyond the illusion of separateness and realizes the oneness with the One Spirit.  It is as if a new sort of consciousness dawns and one sees the world in a different way.

With this kind of consciousness, we are able to allow the mind to be active or command it be silent at our command. It becomes our faithful servant, instead of being our master.

We function very effectively in the outer world, yet our basis is in pure, calm and limitless consciousness, which is not attached to anything and not limited to anything. In this state, we live and view the world from the nonduality point of view.

~ If you enjoyed reading the above you may continue reading about Remez Sasson

Meditation – The Best Medicine

It is now being widely accepted all over the world that stress or mental tension is the killer number one because it causes high blood pressure, heart diseases, asthma and many other psychosomatic diseases and even cancer if its duration or frequency is more than an individual can withstand. But it is not adequately realized even now that modern system of medicine has no lasting remedy or real cure for it, for mental tension is generally caused not by physical fatigue but by mental factors.

Stress in a man

Despair, Stress, Alone, Being Alone, Archetype

If a person becomes increasingly suspicious of the motives of others, exaggerates his own importance and the things he has to do, frequently feels sad thinking that certain persons have slighted or neglected him, has too much expectations from others, has the habit of being over-critical of others, feels even small disappointments as too big, is too serious for keeping deadlines of all his assignments and is always rushing and running to do things, or if anxiety dominates his thoughts, or he has the ambition to do more or have more than the ability to do or have, then no medicine can save him from Stress. Such a person will have his anger, frustration, hatred or anxiety bottled up and would, ultimately, burst out or be weighted down.

Meditation for stress


Medicines can keep these tendencies in check only for some time by affecting his consciousness or by producing in him a state akin to sleep, but medicines cannot free him from these tendencies or personality traits which are the real cause of Stress. Under such conditions, the only antidote to man’s negative or harmful tendencies that lead to Stress but it implants such thoughts that generate feelings of love, peace, harmony, faith and self-respect. This meaningful repetition of positive thought that raises one’s consciousness and brings about a qualitative and attitudinal shift is called Meditation. It is only this and no other remedy that really works. To say the truth, there is no medicine to cure a person of his negative personality traits for a considerable period of time; except Meditation. That is why it is now being called future medication.

-Teachings of Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunji

Listening to Nature’s Voice

“If a single new bud is snipped off a fruit tree with a pair of scissors, that may bring about a disorder which cannot be undone…Human beings with their tampering do something wrong, leave the damage unrepaired, and when the adverse results accumulate, work with all their might to correct them”.

Rice plant, field, guiding light

Padi, Field, Indonesian Rice, Plant

“To become one with nature- agriculture is an occupation in which a farmer adapts himself to nature. To do that, you have to gaze at a rice plant and listen to the words from the plant. If you understand what the rice says, you just adjust your heart to that of the rice plants and raise them. In reality, we do not have to raise them. They will grow. We just serve nature. A piece of advice I need to give you here. When I say gaze at a rice plant or stare at its true form, it does not mean to make an observation or to contemplate the rice plant, which makes it an object different from yourself. It is very difficult to explain in words. In a sense, it is important that you become the rice plant. Just as you, as the subject of gazing, have to disappear. If you do not understand what you should do or what I am talking about, you should be absorbed in taking care of the rice without looking aside. If you could work wholeheartedly without yourself, that is enough. Giving up your ego is the shortest way to unification with nature.”

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

~Masanobu Fukuoka