Antonio Conte is slowly but surely switching to the 3-5-2 system at Chelsea


One of Chelsea’s few weaknesses in the title-winning campaign last year was their central midfield. They would, on occasion, get caught out in the center of the park by an opposition that outnumbered them. Antonio Conte adopted the 3-4-3 system at Stamford Bridge, which plays two central midfielders only. This was at a time when most other teams were still using a variation of a 4-5-1, which employs three players in the middle.

N’Golo Kante and Nemanja Matic, who would more often than not occupy the double pivot in the Chelsea system, found goings-on hard against teams that pressed high and didn’t allow them time on the ball. In a defensive sense, it was easier for teams to penetrate through the center as they were a man-up.

During his days at Juventus, Conte’s preferred formation was the 3-5-2, not the 3-4-3. This classic Italian tactic plays three central midfielders, two wing-backs, and two strikers. At Juve, the manager had the likes of Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal, Paul Pogba and Claudio Marchisio to call upon. They used to work in perfect tandem, giving defensive cover when required and bombing on to make that extra man in attack while the team was on the front foot.

At Chelsea, Conte wasn’t too comfortable playing Cesc Fabregas with Matic and Kante. Matic isn’t the most robust of midfielders and prefers to sit back and provide a shield to the backline. On the other hand, Kante is a great tackler and passer but is at an obvious disadvantage in the air due to his slight frame. He needed someone who could boss the midfield physically, and have a bigger presence going forward as well. The club got just the man for the job – Tiemoue Bakayoko.

The former Monaco man hasn’t played too much thus far, but whatever we’ve seen has been hugely encouraging from a Chelsea point of view. At the weekend against Arsenal, he was brought on for Pedro at half-time, marking a tactical shift. In the first half, Aaron Ramsey and Granit Xhaka were pretty much-running proceedings against Kante and Fabregas. Bakayoko’s addition though completely turned the tide. Even though the Blues were unable to go on and get the telling goal, the Frenchman put in a beast of a performance. Alongside Kante, he looked unbeatable at times. He also on occasion carried the ball forward from midfield. There are indications that he can become a Yaya Toure-esque player for Chelsea in the future.

It will also be really interesting to see how Danny Drinkwater will come into the picture once he’s fit. The Englishman can adeptly play the role of a deep-lying playmaker.

The second barrier to the 3-5-2 at the moment is the lack of forwarding options. Alvaro Morata has established himself as the first-choice forward for now, while Michy Batshuayi is still finding his feet in the Premier League. Conte preferred playing one target man alongside a pacey second striker at Juventus (Llorente with Tevez, Vucinic with Giovinco). It is therefore hardly surprising that he really wanted Chelsea to bring in Llorente in the summer.

Eden Hazard has played as a striker before, but assigning the target man role to Morata seems a little off. It remains to be seen how Conte finds a way around that.

All in all, though, it won’t be long before the Italian starts moving to the 3-5-2 on a more permanent basis. The tactic rendered Juventus nearly unbeatable in Serie A, and if Chelsea is to keep improving following their success last year, they need to keep improvising. The most obvious weakness i.e. getting outnumbered in midfield, has to be wiped out.

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Having a Big Dream

The wise one believes in himself when many don’t really value themselves as much as they should. Many think that life would be better off, if they were somebody else. The reason is that they undervalue their talents, skills and worth, which lie hidden to be tapped. They refuse to meet new challenges because they feel that they are not equipped sufficiently to face them. To become wise, we should read, observe, listen and watch with unprejudiced eyes instead of living in a small well like a frog, without seeing the real world outside. Reading is essential for growth. It gives a new novel dimension to our lives. It helps us to know and understand each other and the world better; to see beneath exteriors and wipe out limitations and boundaries. All of us have illusions. People sit for hours before Roulettes and Rotating wheels hoping and dreaming to hit the jackpot.

H.A. Overstreet writes: “A person is not mature until he has both the ability and willingness to see himself among others and to do unto others as he would have them do unto him. Life is meant to be celebrated. Wise is the person who finds a reason to make everyday a special one. Many observe festivals on a particular day. Well, if think of a God, every day is a festival. Every moment, we can celebrate, if only we recognize that God is with us and within us all the time.

Jimmy Meyer says: “If you control your thoughts and you walk, talk and think the way you would like to become, you will eventually become that.” There is no magic place where all the lucky stars converge. There will never be a test for who can be successful? You have got to cut them open and see what is inside to see the goodies. The rainbow never appears unless there is rain, lightning and thunder. According to Socrates, the Greek philosopher, there are three main keys to success. First is never to give up. Second, to have a sense of urgency and stay away from negative and cynical people. Third, have a big dream and concentrate on it. The saying is: “If you forget where you came from, it is harder to get where you are going!”

~ T.G.L. Iyer

Why The SSL Store™ – The Best Affiliate Program in Digital World


The World is getting digital day by day. Everything is available online, from information to things which we buy at stores. As much this online world is getting advanced, that much security is getting tight. Everyone knows the importance of online security. SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certificates, is number one when it comes to securing any website.

The Best Affiliate Program

The SSL Store™ is the largest reseller of SSL Certificates in the world and also the first Platinum Specialized Partner of Symantec. If you are looking to make some extra bucks from the visitors of your website, then we have one offer for you. Everyone needs security for their website, your visitors are not an exception. Here we offer an affiliate program, from which you can make some good amount of money.

The SSL store, digital marketing

Image courtesy- Twitter


If you are not sure what the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certificates are, here I’m providing you a little information on it. SSL Certificates are small files including data which are encoded with a digital key.It holds the details of an organization. Once it’s installed, it will offer the safe connection between a web server and a browser.

DV (Domain Validation) Certificate: To issue this certificate, certificate authority checks the rights of the user, to know that they are registered with the domain name they are applying. Once you apply, you will be asked to confirm the email.

OV (Organization Validation):

EV (Extended Validation) Certificate: This certificate offers the highest security compared to other SSL Certificate. Procedure to apply for this certificate is not that easy. The applicant of the certificate is asked to provide all the detailed information regarding the address proof of the company and it is checked thoroughly, whether the address proof provided is same with the registration of Government. Certain guidelines are followed while carrying the procedure. All the major companies like Google and much more use this type of certificate.

The Best Affiliate Program

Everyone knows how cyber-crime is increasing daily, and some of the dangerous threats happened recently like Heartbleed, Poodle & Shellshock are some biggest proof that we need tight web security. It provides safety from all the major types of security attacks like Spamming, Scamming, Phishing, Malware, Crypto-Ransomware and much more. It also lets the user know, whether a website contains any virus such as Trojan horse.As per the recent analysis, it has been revealed that there are chances of 32.52% growth in between 2014-2019. So you can imagine a great amount of growth in market size & sales revenue.

What to Expect:

At the time of joining, immediately you will get $20 as a bonus for signing up.You will get 10% commission for any Retail Customers, 5% on Enterprise Customers & also 5% commission for Resellers.You won’t believe but we also offer commission more than once, so if someone comes by your reference, you will get a commission every time they purchase from us for the first year. We offer payment by Check or through PayPal.Once your account reaches $50, you can do withdrawal whenever you want.We offer robust tracking & reporting system, which will provide you accurate reports.You can look at the statistics, or review reports for the commissions you’ve earned any time you want.We have an expert team who specifically monitors and optimize our site for you.

How it Works:

Once the visitor press on affiliate link site then the IP address is to be noted with a cookie is placed in order to track them in the case of landing on our site, it’s not necessary they will purchase at the same time. If they didn’t purchase first-time &come back within 90 days period and purchase any product from us, you will still receive your commission.

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The SSL Store™ is the leading reseller of all the best brands.Here are the brands which are offered Symantec, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, Comodo & Certum.

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Psychological Tests for Employment You Should Get Acquainted With

To train and recruit new employees is an expensive process for organizations whereas keeping the turnover rate bare minimum is the greatest challenge. Many different companies therefore are engaged in various medical examinations including physical and psychological assessment to determine an individual’s potential.

Medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi include various psychological assessment during recruitment and even after that to monitor continued stability of employees selected for the job. Let’s have a detailed look for clarity!


The very purpose of this cognitive assessment is making more informed decisions and many companies usually hire intermediate parties to perform these tests in an effort to keep them unbiased and prevent lawsuits. The results measure potential of employee to work under stressful conditions and capability to perform effectively without undermining productivity!


Companies are at less risk of getting sued through the psychological testing as it’s easier to strategize and distribute work to get the best output while retaining them for longer. It’s also helpful with jobs having a high stress factor such as law enforcement, medical science, fire-fighting or likewise employment to test an employee’s ability of working under such stress. In the end, companies are able to hire more suitable employees thus saving cost of turnover and re-recruiting.


Psychological assessment being a part of medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi is considered “standard” and not the sole criterion of recruitment. The results are then interpreted and administered by clinical and forensic psychology experts. Consecutive tests are performed in series under different situations so as to compare results before taking the final decision.

Legal aspects

Emotional/psychological tests in many countries are legal and mostly performed by professional organizations or at expert psychologist’s facility. Some states however have specific privacy laws that prevent a company from forcing an individual to undergo these tests so it’s better to check laws and regulations.

Some state-based laws allow individual to file a lawsuit against a company or employer that terminates an employee who refuses to take psychological tests. Whereas some of the tests are kept discreet so as not to reveal or highlight certain disabilities such as schizophrenia and manic depression!

Different psychological tests

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

It’s a personality testing system deployed by private organizations as well as federal government agencies. An individual’s personality is evaluated on a scale of four opposing characteristic such as the first scale determines source of energy or motivation, second is to determine whether subject is receptive to sensory information or intuition. Third scale takes into account decision making capability based on either logic, reasoning or personal values. Fourth and last scale gauges if an employee’s organized or spontaneous to the routine activities.

Lie Detector Test

  • IPIP-NEO Personality Test

The International Personality Item Pool (IPIP) test measures an individual’s personality based on five broad categories and 30 sub-categories. Employee’s ability to cope in a multicultural setting is tested so as to recruit a perfect candidate based on job’s nature.

  • Kolbe Index

This test is named after Kathy Kolbe; an organizational theorist that determine employee’s problem-solving abilities and overall psychological well-being.


The above are a few psychological assessments that make a crucial part of medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi.

All You Should Know About Hiring a Maid in Dubai

Even if you live solo, keeping the house uncluttered and clean can be tedious. With a spouse, children or pet; it becomes a real tough job with a feeling of endlessness. This is perhaps the only reason why people throw a dirty dish towel in the dustbin and prefer hiring a maid in Dubai or any other region. It’s indeed bit of a luxury and doesn’t happen for free however the end results are worth the price.

House maid in Dubai

Digital Image by Sean Locke
Digital Planet Design

Just like any other service, you need to know more about the individual or maid agency before they pour in your home with a mop and broom. We can classify a maid in Dubai in two types: independent cleaner who work on their own to earn a living and trained professionals employed at an agency. The independent service may turn foreboding lately as you’re responsible to look after various issues such as quality of cleaning, reliability, cost and insurance if they break something in your home.

On the contrary, such issues are dealt by the management if you hook up with a professional housekeeping service. Either way, make sure they’re certified and insured for your as well as their own safety. Insurance bond is important lest the cleaner broke something in your home or somehow injure himself as you won’t be held accountable.

The countless benefits

A typical maid in Dubai provide services that you mightn’t even though in the first place such as organising the wardrobe; something teenagers would definitely fall for, do the dishes and laundry as well.

  • Beyond the typical brooms & mops

Prices vary exorbitantly to the service as some cleaners would charge per hour while others do it per the number of tasks. Basic cleaning chores include the usual sweeping, mopping, dusting, wash interior windows and doors, laundry, cooking and much more.

  • Run a background check

This is important as you’re literally allowing stranger(s) in your home so always ask for references from the neighbors, friends and work colleagues who previously exploited the service. Conduct personal background check for reliability and perfection in work that’ll actually show up.

  • The walk through

This is where you relay demands to the cleaning agency, sort out the type and number of service(s) required. An agreement would be devised accordingly which you’ll sign but only after reading it thoroughly! Professional housekeepers always have a checklist prepared for each client thus saving time, cost and effort.

  • Children & pets

If you’ve children or pets in the house, it requires daily cleaning and maintenance. Do communicate with the service agency prior agreeing to the terms and conditions as cost may vary per the tasks. You don’t want to face any inconvenience or last-minute hassle when payment is due!

  • Employee relations

You should note that maids are hard-working individuals who clean up the mess we create. So they deserve respect and well treatment. Lest they aren’t carrying the job well, talk to them first rather than complaining straight to the higher management; this will strengthen the trust and communication gap.


Whether hiring a maid in Dubai or elsewhere, let the above information guide you all through!

How to Build High Quality Mobile E-Commerce App Store


The greater dream of reducing to the size of the palm of the hand has become a complete reality for all citizens today. Mobile computing is no longer the future but the present itself. All types of customers today for any business in the field of e-commerce belong to this category of access to products and services through mobile.

Mobile -ecommerce

Mobile in palm of a hand
Image credit- pixabay

Statistics tell us that the transition rate from PC usage to mobile usage is increasing dramatically today. Your customer is starting to trust the platform better than before to buy what you need. And this is obviously your best time to get started in the area by launching a mobile e-commerce application and gaining mileage before your competitors earn more frequency.

Mobile E-Commerce is the new monetization solution for online stores. Smartphones play a vital role in the decision to buy customers on the go, especially for those who decide to buy something in the momentum. Mobile commerce has become a bona fide e-commerce business with a growing number of people turning on their Internet-powered phones to make the purchase. The e-commerce industry has thus begun to roll on the mobile channel.

Online shopping | by Robbert Noordzij - Mobile e-commerce

Online shopping | by Robbert Noordzij

Reports indicate m-commerce as the future of e-commerce. This is the right time for all e-commerce businesses to go mobile, after all their customers are going mobile! . A native application of your e-commerce store that offers attractive features will eventually attract your target audience and increase sales. Getting a ready-to-use m-commerce solution that is of high quality and excellent performance is a good choice.

Recently, I came across a mobile commerce solution called Mob E-Commerce. This is a ready-made e-commerce solution that helps you create a native iPhone / Android application for your e-commerce store at ease and less time. The application can be integrated with popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento Mobile, Virtuemart, Prestashop or any other custom store. By deploying a native app from your e-commerce store with the logo of your store in the iTunes store and the Android market, it connects to the user base of millions of single-shot smartphones.

A fully loaded instant application of your e-commerce store allows your consumers to enjoy your shopping experience and rejoices at the purchase decision. The application allows mobile buyers to navigate through an optimized mobile phone with its outstanding features such as

  1. Highly efficient account management to easily manage user accounts
  2. Inspiring product display with various lists such as best sellers, wish list, favorite list etc.
  3. Professional shopping cart with easy interface
  4. Easy payment process
  5. Multilingual and multilingual support
  6. Integration with all compatible mobile payment gateways

E-commerce is all about big winnings through the advantage of the mobile web. When your potential consumers download and install your store application on their smartphones, they always remain associated with your audience. Your consumers feel comfortable and comfortable with your showcase that proportionally increases your business benefit. Get a mobile app for your e-commerce store and create the attractive way to shop for your mobile customers.

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5 Historical Places that sum up Independence Movement

The Partition Museum, Amritsar

Partition Museum, Independence Movement

The Town Hall in Amritsar that houses the Partition Museum (Sanjeev Verma/HT Photo)

The Partition Museum may have opened its doors only in 2016 but it has a wealth of records about events dating back to India’s Independence. This one-of-kind museum preserves the experiences of those displaced by the Partition of India in 1947. The final plan for the museum is to have seven galleries spread across 16000 sq.ft., with sections devoted to Independence and partition, migration, research, rehabilitation and resettlement and the gallery of hope.

While in Amritsar, also visit Jallianwala Bagh where a crowd of non-violent protestors were fired upon by the British troops on April 13, 1919.

Red Fort, Delhi

Red Fort, Delhi, Independence Day

Red Fort comes under security blanket for August 15
Image credit- Zee News

The Red Fort is the place where India’ first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, delivered the first Independence Day speech in 1947.

Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace, Pune, Independence Movement

Slice of history- Aga Khan Palace
Image credit- The Hindu

The beautiful Aga Khan Palace has paintings that depict Mahatma Gandhi’s life and the freedom struggle. This was the place where Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned after the Quit India Movement in 1942. He was accompanied by wife Kasturba and secretary Mahdevbhai.

Cellular Jail, Port Blair

Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Independence Movement

Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The term Kaala Pani refers to this particular jail. This remote jail in the middle of the Indian Ocean was where freedom fighters, such Veer Savarkar, and Batukeshwar Dutt were exiled. At the museum, displays include tools used to torture the inmates. A must-attend is the sound and light show which displays stories about India’s struggle for freedom.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India, Mumbai, Independence Movement

Gateway of India
Image Credit- NDTV News

This is the site from where the last British troops left India. While the Gateway of India was built to mark the landing of King George V and Queen Mary of Apollo Bunder, this was also the place marking the end of British rule as the British troops left India.