How Biometric Devices are the Fastest Identified Technology?

Biometric is a technology to authenticate the identity of a person by verifying personal characteristics. The Biometric devices analyze some biometric identifier and then great access to a program, system, or room. A Biometric identifier is a physiological or behavioural characteristic of a person. It is related to the physical or chemical activities in the body. The fingerprints, hand geometry, facial features, voice, and eye patterns are some examples of biometric identifiers.

IT Expert System provides information about the Biometric Devices.

A biometric device converts a personal characteristic in digital code. This digital code compared with a digital code stored in the computer. The access is not granted to the user both digital codes do not match.

Bio-metric devices, technology

A fingerprint reader is the most widely used biometric device. It scans the curves and indentations of a fingerprint. The fingerprint reader is very inexpensive and costs less than $100. It can be easily used by home and small business users to authenticate users. The external fingerprint readers are also available that can be plugged into a USB port. Some latest keyboards and notebook computers also have a fingerprint reader for logging on the computing using fingerprints without entering username and password.

A facial recognition system captures the live face image of a person. It compares this image with another image stored in the computer to authenticate the person. This system is used in the buildings to authenticate a person before allowing him to enter. It is also used In airports to protect the public. Some notebook computers use this system to protect the computer system. The system can also identify the user with or without the glasses, makeup, or jewellery.

The hand Geometry system is used in biometric devices to measure the shape and size of the hand. The cost of this type of system is more than $1000 and only larger companies usually used it.

A voice verification system compares the voice of a person with the stored voice. Some larger companies use this system as time and attendance devices. It is also used for assessing sensitive files and networks. The financial organizations use these systems in secure telephone banking transactions.

A signature verification system identifies the state of written by hand signature. It also measures the weight and movement used to write the signature. This system utilizes an uncommon pen and tablet.

An Iris recognition system uses iris recognition technology to read the patterns in the iris of an eye. These patterns are unique in the eyes. This system is very expensive and is used by government security organizations, military, and larger financial organizations. Some organizations use a retinal scanner that works similarly. However, this scanner scans the patterns of blood vessels in the back retina.

The line-of-sight system is used to use your eyes to point at the screen. This technology allows some physically disable users to direct computer. For example, a disable person can focus his eyes on a specific area of the screen to issue a command to the computer. A camera is used to identify the area on which the user is focusing.

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