3 Useful Tips to Clean the Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to Hardwood floor cleaning, it’s more challenging to keep up with than you might have thought. So to do it the right way and effectively, here are a few tips you need to know.

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It’s essential to learn how to clean hardwood floors in order to protect and maintain the classy flooring. Since dirt & grime are quite visible on the hardwood floors unlike on carpet, keeping up with its regular cleaning can be high maintenance. But when you develop a routine, it won’t seem so difficult.

For sure, the hardwood flooring brings a warm beauty as well as elegance to your home. If properly cared, the hardwood flooring is durable and can even last for decades. Therefore, here are a few tips on how to clean the hardwood floor that will help you keep it looking lovely. So let’s dive in;

Daily Schedule – Dusting

Giving it good dust using microfiber cloth will prevent the floor from any scratches & surface damage. Microfiber cloth uses static electricity in order to trap dirt as well as other household allergens. While dealing with dirt, the broom can also be, but it only pushes the dirt around.

And when it comes to cleaning the floor without damaging, it’s essential to get along with the microfiber cloth. But make sure you must not lift the microfiber mop up off the floor while cleaning, so it’s easier for you to keep the dirt trapped on the pad.

Weekly Schedule – Vacuum

With daily dusting even with a microfiber cloth, you can’t reach some areas that are often known as harder-to-reach spots of your home. For that, you need to get along with the weekly maintenance. Using a vacuum cleaner and wet mops is a great solution to get the dirt out of trouble spots like corners and especially the space between each piece of hardwood. But while using these tools, make sure you are cautiously so you can clean without damaging.

In case you’re using the vacuum with beater bars, ensure that the bar doesn’t hit the bar floor. Also, the wheel on the vacuum can form some scratches so beware of that as well. Since you’re dealing with the wooden floor, do not put an excess liquid on the floor. Keep in mind that the water and wood don’t mix. Lightly mist your floor with a hardwood floor cleaning solution, and that would be enough for great cleaning.

Monthly Schedule – Polish

Make sure to get your wooden floor polished every few months. It’ll renew & refresh the finish that’ll further the hardwood floor. With hardwood floors having a protective sealant, it’s the finish that’s being worked up while not damaging the hardwood itself. So when you polish the floor, it fills in the microscopic scratches as well as evens out a protective surface.

It’s quite easy to polish a hardwood floor and can even be done with just a minimal effort. In case you don’t want to do it yourself, you can also hire the professionals from the best Dubai cleaning company to look after it all for you.


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