Your guide to road trip survival

“For the adventurous road trippers and we know you’re just the one.”

To book a plane ticket, enjoy a jetliner cruise in one of their elite class seats and make their journey the usual way. But only a few brave souls with just the right amount of shrewdness have the guts to lease a car especially for adventures on the road and set off into the unknown.

Just the thought of going on a road trip is raw, pure and free. But to make it truly worthy, there are a few key pointers to bear in mind. It’d be just great to have a car lease in Bahrain and go through the ultimate road trip survival guide.

Keep it hydrated

Only a topped-up gas tank isn’t enough to make the car go! You would need to double and triple-check on all the fluid levels to ensure they’re proper. Check windshield wiper fluid, oil and radiator fluid, air conditioning gas (Freon level) and so on as these can drop when you’re taking a really long drive; putting a stop to your adventure-filled road trip.

Tyre pressure

So you’re taking low tyre pressure lightly! It won’t do much except ruin the wheel and separate the tyre tread, raising the likelihood of an accident. This is precisely why you should be extra careful about all such stuff. If you’re unsure of the tyre pressure and how to keep a check, refer to the tiny sticker on the driver’s door jamb bearing manufacturer’s recommendations and information you’d just need. In case you’re missing the sticker, visit the nearest auto station to do the needful.

The AAA eligibility

You’d probably have some sort of insurance but if not, now’s the time to get some. The customer roadside service is excellent which comes with pretty amazing perks. Having “AAA” insurance along with the driver’s license can get you everything from essential travel guides and maps to even discounts on hotels you’ll encounter during the trip and those Texas-style restaurants.

Maintenance & fixes

While your car may look absolutely perfect from the outside, the internal functions can betray you just at the last minute. Even if the lights are working properly, all fluids are topped up and the tyres pumped, be sure to look into these three essential factors when having a car lease in Bahrain;

  • Hooks & fixes

What if you left the headlights ON all night or perhaps the alternator’s acting pretty weird! Such problems can be solved in a jiffy if you’ve a set of jumper cables. Find the nearest motorist who’s ready to give you a jump, hook one red cable to the positive battery post on the dead battery and the other red to the positive terminal on the functional one. Do the same for the black hooks and negative terminals. In a few minutes, you’ll be riding happily.

  • Spare tyre

Having a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere can be a worrisome experience which is why you should always drive with a spare tyre that’s indeed a life and trip saver!

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