The most famous classic treks are for those trekkers who are quite serious. All of the trek places them require fit legs, a sturdy pair of lungs and a good preparation for trekking. However, if you choose to go on any of these tracks then you will be pleased with experiences that last a lifetime.

  1. GR20, France:

A beautiful trek through Corsica is fabulous for the diversity of its landscapes for traverses, this demanding 15- DAY path is very famous and with full of adventure. There are woodlands, granite wastelands, and barren craters, freezing lakes, fast-moving water, snow-capped Mountain arrays, plains, and névés.

GR 20 018 Spasimata Footbridge

But it doesn’t come easy: the path is rocky and sometimes sharp and includes shaky bridges and slippery rock surfaces – all the trekking period go with a lot of fun. The GR20 links Calenzana, north of Porto Vecchio, in the Balagne, with Conca, and GR20 WAS Created in 1972.

  1. Pays Dogon, Mali:

Pays Dogon, Mali

One of Africa’s most breathtaking regions, also known as ‘The land of the Dogon people’. Between 2 and 10 days, A trek here can last anywhere in the whole region and proceeds in the soaring cliffs of the Bandiagara slope decorated with old wild cliff lodgings. Dogon villages dot the bluffs and are an unusual climax of the journey. The Dogon are known for their veiled stilt dancers, complicatedly carved doors and pueblo-like houses built into the side of the cliff.

  1. Everest Base Camp, Nepal:

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

This three-week trek is tremendously popular with those who want to be able to trek, it reaches a height of 5,545m at Kala Patter. The difficult trek passes definitely remarkable décor and is traded by Sherpa people of the Solu Khumbu where they live their lives.

The heights reached during this trek are accurately dizzying until you adjust to the altitude, and the constant cutting across valleys positively has its ups and downs in cliffs.

  1. Indian Himalayas, India:

The world’s greatest mountain range is located in India and is named as Indian Himalayas. So, if isolation’s your thing tries trekking in Himachal Pradesh. Committed walkers can try tottering along the mountain clippings for 24 days from Spiti to Ladakh.

Indian Himalayas, India

This enormously isolated and challenging walk trails ancient trade routes. The miserable high-altitude desert land enthused Rudyard Kipling to call, they believe ‘Surely the gods live here; this is no place for men’.

  1. The Atlas Mountains – Morocco:

The Atlas Mountains are a mountain series across a northern section of Africa spreading about 1,500 miles through Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. The High Atlas series detached the Mediterranean and Atlantic shorelines from the Sahara Desert. The mountains are separated into additional and distinct ranges, including the High Atlas, Anti-Atlas and Middle Atlas.

In the west lies the oldest slice of the Western High Atlas range. Numerous mountains in this area exceed 4000 m, its great point is the Jebel Toubkal which is at 4167 m, also observable from the city of Marrakech. Jabel Toubkal situated in the Toubkal national parks. Eastern great Atlas series which are in the Imlchil region.

The Anti-Atlas encompasses from the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest region of Morocco to the northeast to the elevations of Ouarzazate.

Further east to the city of Tafilalt which is altogether a distance of approximately 310 miles and adventuresomely visitable in Morocco holidays. In the south, it borders the Sahara.

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