All You Should Know About Hiring a Maid in Dubai

Even if you live solo, keeping the house uncluttered and clean can be tedious. With a spouse, children or pet; it becomes a real tough job with a feeling of endlessness. This is perhaps the only reason why people throw a dirty dish towel in the dustbin and prefer hiring a maid in Dubai or any other region. It’s indeed bit of a luxury and doesn’t happen for free however the end results are worth the price.

House maid in Dubai
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Just like any other service, you need to know more about the individual or maid agency before they pour in your home with a mop and broom. We can classify a maid in Dubai in two types: independent cleaner who work on their own to earn a living and trained professionals employed at an agency. The independent service may turn foreboding lately as you’re responsible to look after various issues such as quality of cleaning, reliability, cost and insurance if they break something in your home.

On the contrary, such issues are dealt by the management if you hook up with a professional housekeeping service. Either way, make sure they’re certified and insured for your as well as their own safety. Insurance bond is important lest the cleaner broke something in your home or somehow injure himself as you won’t be held accountable.

The countless benefits

A typical maid in Dubai provide services that you mightn’t even though in the first place such as organising the wardrobe; something teenagers would definitely fall for, do the dishes and laundry as well.

  • Beyond the typical brooms & mops

Prices vary exorbitantly to the service as some cleaners would charge per hour while others do it per the number of tasks. Basic cleaning chores include the usual sweeping, mopping, dusting, wash interior windows and doors, laundry, cooking and much more.

  • Run a background check

This is important as you’re literally allowing stranger(s) in your home so always ask for references from the neighbors, friends and work colleagues who previously exploited the service. Conduct personal background check for reliability and perfection in work that’ll actually show up.

  • The walk through

This is where you relay demands to the cleaning agency, sort out the type and number of service(s) required. An agreement would be devised accordingly which you’ll sign but only after reading it thoroughly! Professional housekeepers always have a checklist prepared for each client thus saving time, cost and effort.

  • Children & pets

If you’ve children or pets in the house, it requires daily cleaning and maintenance. Do communicate with the service agency prior agreeing to the terms and conditions as cost may vary per the tasks. You don’t want to face any inconvenience or last-minute hassle when payment is due!

  • Employee relations

You should note that maids are hard-working individuals who clean up the mess we create. So they deserve respect and well treatment. Lest they aren’t carrying the job well, talk to them first rather than complaining straight to the higher management; this will strengthen the trust and communication gap.


Whether hiring a maid in Dubai or elsewhere, let the above information guide you all through!

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