There are following Outlook email tools that are  geared toward making your email experience faster, secure, creative and efficient. They are organized into four groups:

Third party integrations with popular websites and tools
Security and privacy
Productivity and efficiency
Top free add-ons and plugins

Outlook Plugins That Connect to Other Devices, Systems and Software

Microsoft Outlook plugins and add-ins
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Google Apps Sync:  Google gives you millions of products that are helpful for your business. Without Google app there would be no entrance for Outlook users.

GoToMeeting Plugin: GoToMeeting start you video chat and work together audibly with other people anywhere in the whole world. This is helpful to schedule and update meeting details directly with your Outlook account.

Microsoft SMS: This feature of Outlook offers you an Outlook messaging to your mobile phone. You can also send text from your account through mobile, also to group chat and save message in the draft

Hotmail Connector: If you have two email accounts like Hotmail and Outlook then you can see this connector to show Hotmail from Outlook UI.

Hightail for Outlook:  People usually face problem when they send a large email attachment, for that Outlook provides you a Mail2Cloud functionality.

Mail2Cloud Fusion: Allows you to send large attachments with your business email from any device like mobile and via an email.

Outlook Social Connector: For more proper management and acknowledgement, Microsoft social connector will jerk pictures of your family and friend through Facebook and directly add them to the corresponding address.

Out Twit: Start tweeting from email with “out twit” feature you can update your Twitter status from Outlook account and even save tweets from people who follow through an emails. You can also search tweets and receive Twitter updates.

Outlook Email Add on That Enhance Security and Privacy

Spam Bayes: SPAM can damage your computer system and get your personal data and information. Spam Bayes is used for the statistical analysis to check which email is genuine. It is different and advanced tool that will always clean your inbox.

Outlook Password (Add-On):  An Outlook password, you will not need to remember. This tool will save your password in  PST files. You can easily recover the password without having a backup email in case you locked out. Very simple set up which is found in all outlook editions.

Business Email Security: It offers you a transparent safe and secure email and as well as attachment that delivers to every device. Only for business emails. This will be integrated with your email which is automatically safe for your attachments as per defined security level.

Move and Delete Watchdog: Sometimes it happens that unintentionally you delete your important file and emails but with this tool you are stressfree. Move and delete Watchdog will show you a pop up window for confirmation saying ‘do you agree to delete or move folder or not?’

Highly Rated, Popular, and Free Outlook Add-ins

mxHero:  An enterprise that creates Mail2cloud also has an Outlook utility with multiple feature. It has – schedule an email to be send later, email self-destructing, give BCC delivery and the advance option is to track certain recipient

Genius Connect: Syncs your Outlook folders with any SQL databases. A great tool for technical users and professionals.

Code Two Catman:  It has central management for an Outlook class. Also perfectly configures files, folders and other users of Outlook platform. It is like you being in the cloud.

Code Two Outlook Sync:  Same with other feature you can sync your outlook data within two computers. When association and allocation with a coworker is essential, try using this tool to speed up the process and keep everyone on the same level.

Advanced Security: We all desire that our account will be safe and secure, but a complain that every user of an Outlook has is their irritating pop ups and notification. Advanced Security gets rid of such irritating alerts by putting you in charge of how to handle security threats.

Pocket Knife Peek: This add on will have messages appear without showing them, very good for email security and for SPAM which disrupts your computer or email account.

Taglocity: Easily add tags to new messages, tasks, calendar events and more with Taglocity. Keep your inbox organized with the ability to categorize everything in Outlook.

Search Maps: This feature mean you have map search in your account. It give a direction where you want to be and estimated time to reach that place.

Text Lightning: Text lightening is useful for sales and supportive professionals. It can use email snipper, filter their email by products key and forever delete an email with just one click.

Outlook Stat View:  Data, It’s drives our behavior and helps you to adjust in ways that make our work more efficient and organized. This cool add on shows you how much you communicate with different contacts. The emails are separated by date, bcc or cc, and include the volume of emails by you and them.

Outlook on the Desktop: Gain control for particular features in your outlook email when you are offline is very much helpful. Like your calendar. Visit on top of appointments and tasks with Outlook on the Desktop, and don’t worry about where you are going to find internet while you were on the drive.

Sender’s Time Zone: Do you have any experience to communicate via email with people overseas? If yes, having their time zone on hand could increase response rates. It definitely could stop you from sending an email at a time when the recipient is sleeping hours or night.

Advanced Folders Watch: Advanced Folders Watch updates your email response productivity by organizing your most important emails automatically. Just set criteria and keywords you want used.

Mail Washer:
 Fighting SPAM shouldn’t cost the user. This tool allows you to showing an email before it is downloaded to your inbox, giving you a safe look of the contents before it can do any damage in your system. Viruses that could cause mess on your computer are kept at bark with this free Outlook add on.


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