What is the greenhouse effect?

The gases will surround the earth-water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and others allow the sun’s heat to come in but they don’t let the heat out again easily. This is called the greenhouse effect.

Why the name?

Because a similar thing happens in a greenhouse where plants which require protection from the weather are grown. The only difference is that in a greenhouse it is the glass roof that prevents the heat from escaping.

Is the greenhouse effect beneficial to earth?

It is for the greenhouse effect, a lot of heat would escape from the earth into space and temperatures could come down before freezing point.

Why is the greenhouse effect hurting us?

The percentage of greenhouse gases especially methane and carbon dioxide- has been steadily increasing. They are trapping more heat in the atmosphere than necessary.

Greenhouse Effect on Earth
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Is the earth becoming hotter?

Yes, earth’s temperature has increased slightly. But even that is significant and the effects of global warming are already visible.

Do you know?

In Alaska, global warming is having a reverse effect. As the glaciers in Alaska, melt, the land which was buried under them is rising rapidly, causing the sea to retreat.