Living life fully and authentically takes great courage. The courage is necessary to trust our own inner guidance and then be able to take action on it. Sometimes we are so unconscious and unaware of our own true feelings, wants and desires that it blocks our ability to move forward and live life fully and completely.  And other times, we do not take action on something that we know would be a good thing because of fear,  whether it is fear of our own emotional nature or fear of what others will think.  Friends, family, and society have compiled quite a bit of influence on our ability to take action in life.

Live your life your way
Live your life your way… The rest will take care of itself. Image credit- Flickr

Many have an inner nagging for something that one just cannot put one’s finger on. This elusive need for fulfillment drives us in search of our True Self.  It is beneficial to have this nagging. When we search for our truth, we usually find it deep within ourselves. This truth often is found by inner reflection, contemplation, and meditation. Therefore, it is essential that we take a break in our thoughts and activities and go inside ourselves to hear, know, see or feel the truth. Inner reflection provides part of the living out loud experience.

When we agreed to come back to Earth into this lifetime, into this life experience with these life circumstances and people in this location on the planet, it wasn’t by accident. It was by design. It was our own design in alignment with the Divine Will and Divine Guidance prior to our descent onto this planet. We are co-creators of our own spiritual evolvement.  There are certain life experiences that we are meant to have. Until we find the courage to have that life experience or to have some realization of the True Self or the authentic life, we will continue to return again and again. We have the opportunity to evolve and ascend our spiritual nature. In doing so, we may assist either here or from the spirit world after we leave this incarnation. We are a crucial key to the positive evolution,  of Planet Earth, aligning with peace, joy, happiness and Love.

~ Margaret Ann Lembo