Gorham’s Cave Complex refers to the four caves at the base of the steep limestone cliffs on the eastern side of the Rock of Gibralter, which is a 426-m high limestone ridge in Gibralter, a British overseas territory on the southern coast of Spain. It is Britain’s 30th world heritage site.

View of Gorham’s Cave, a sea cave in the east face of the Rock of Gibraltar, Gibraltar.
© Gibmetal77 / Wikimedia Commons

The caves, called Bennett’s Gotham’s, Vanguard and Hyaena, were the last known home of the Neanderthal tribes, who occupied them for more than 100,000 years. They contain abstract rock engravings, dating back more than 39,000 years, ornaments, hunting tools and remains of butchered animals. One of the largest collections of bird remains from the Neanderthal period were found here. These archaeological findings depict culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the Neanderthals.