Nonduality is a philosophy, which says that there is just one spirit in the Universe and that everything, living or inanimate is part of this one spirit. Nonduality further says that it is the only illusion that causes us to view the world as real and separate from us.

And with respect to the real meaning of non-duality, since they divide these (Space and Awareness) into two, they fall into deviation.

Imagine a state, in which you feel being one with everything in the universe, enjoying immense peace of mind and happiness, but yet, acting and functioning normally in your day-to-day life. From this state you don’t see the world from the limited point of view of the ego, but from a wider and higher viewpoint. In this state your experience oneness with the One Spirit that is the essence of everything, and you manifest tolerance, patience, love and understanding and deep insight. This is the experience of nonduality.

Ordinarily, the veil of thoughts and the five senses draw the mind outside, to the external world, and obscure the awareness of the consciousness that is beyond the mind. Meditation brings peace to the mind and develops the ability to silence it, thus enabling to experience the “state” of nonduality. In this state of inner silence, one rises above the illusion of identification with the mind, thoughts, and ego gets beyond the illusion of separateness and realizes the oneness with the One Spirit.  It is as if a new sort of consciousness dawns and one sees the world in a different way.

With this kind of consciousness, we are able to allow the mind to be active or command it be silent at our command. It becomes our faithful servant, instead of being our master.

We function very effectively in the outer world, yet our basis is in pure, calm and limitless consciousness, which is not attached to anything and not limited to anything. In this state, we live and view the world from the nonduality point of view.

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