It is now being widely accepted all over the world that stress or mental tension is the killer number one because it causes high blood pressure, heart diseases, asthma and many other psychosomatic diseases and even cancer if its duration or frequency is more than an individual can withstand. But it is not adequately realized even now that modern system of medicine has no lasting remedy or real cure for it, for mental tension is generally caused not by physical fatigue but by mental factors.

Stress in a man
Despair, Stress, Alone, Being Alone, Archetype

If a person becomes increasingly suspicious of the motives of others, exaggerates his own importance and the things he has to do, frequently feels sad thinking that certain persons have slighted or neglected him, has too much expectations from others, has the habit of being over-critical of others, feels even small disappointments as too big, is too serious for keeping deadlines of all his assignments and is always rushing and running to do things, or if anxiety dominates his thoughts, or he has the ambition to do more or have more than the ability to do or have, then no medicine can save him from Stress. Such a person will have his anger, frustration, hatred or anxiety bottled up and would, ultimately, burst out or be weighted down.

Meditation for stress

Medicines can keep these tendencies in check only for some time by affecting his consciousness or by producing in him a state akin to sleep, but medicines cannot free him from these tendencies or personality traits which are the real cause of Stress. Under such conditions, the only antidote to man’s negative or harmful tendencies that lead to Stress but it implants such thoughts that generate feelings of love, peace, harmony, faith and self-respect. This meaningful repetition of positive thought that raises one’s consciousness and brings about a qualitative and attitudinal shift is called Meditation. It is only this and no other remedy that really works. To say the truth, there is no medicine to cure a person of his negative personality traits for a considerable period of time; except Meditation. That is why it is now being called future medication.

-Teachings of Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunji