How to hire a car at Doha airport without getting ripped off?

Air travel can be arduous but getting around after landing is far more tiring as many travelers turn to public transit while others hop in cabs. However, most prefer the usual rental cars and as we speak, the car rental business at the airport has earned numerous profits and witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years.

To hire a car at Doha airport from the vast array of rental companies; optional features, location, and type of vehicle lay a certain impact on overall rental fee so you should plan well. If you’re being careless, the actual cost may well extend beyond the advertised.

As a result, some of the travelers prefer simplified user experience of car sharing programs but only if they’re renting for more than a day. Just in case if someone’s renting for less than a day, these car sharing programs can get far more expensive.

Hire a car at Doha airport

Luckily there’re many valuable tips to hire a car at Doha airport and get the best package. Have a look below;

Shop online

Much like airplane tickets and hotel room booking, pre-reserving a rental car online at the arrival destination is more convenient. If you know about the rental company, simply book through their official website or conduct research. A general survey concluded that more or less 60 percent car rental bookings are performed online saving time and effort at the airport.

Go for a smaller car

Yet another way to land the best deal is booking a smaller car with acceptable features. Too many add-ons would only raise the cost beyond budget. This is much preferred if you only need commuting from airport to the targeted destination. On the contrary, there are times when your preferred model isn’t available and this is when the rental agency would upgrade you to a more expensive vehicle either for free or on appealing discount.

Longer rental period

When you hire a car at Doha airport for a longer period like for a week or so, the per-day cost would drop significantly so you’re at an advantage. This is probably because rental deals that last a week or so have a lower daily rate.

Timing matters most

The cheapest fare you can avail at the car rental counter is in the form of weekend rates. Travel experts also recommend avoiding changing reservations when in the middle of the trip. In fact, if you return the car a few days before the handover date can save a lot and weekly rates may be converted to a daily rate. On the contrary, returning the car an hour late and you may be charged for an extra day so it’s better to consider car rental rules that vary with every company and region.

No extras

Rental companies are likely to offer extra features such as GPS navigation, in-car Wi-Fi, television and much more. No matter how enticing it sounds, simply say “No” and you’ll just save a lot on your rental cost.


The above details would help you hire a car at Doha airport without breaking the budget.

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