The Isle of Reefs or Carriacou is deemed a nature’s preserved paradise to offer perfect hideaway for those willing to escape the typical “tourist” humdrum and crowd. Many travel writers title it as an “Uncut diamond” due to the natural beauty, countless remote and unoccupied islands, marooned beaches and perfect coves.

Grenada citizenship

Grenada citizenship is your ultimate chance to witness the spectacular wooded mountainous terrains in Carriacou. The views are simply breath-taking that oversees the entire south and north of the island. There’re lots of shops around to marvel at. So let’s dig deeper into Carriacou; the unspoiled Caribbean at its best!

High North Nature Reserve

It’s the highest peak but not quite a mountain! Boasting a height of approximately 956 feet, you can enjoy wonderful views of Grenada and the remaining Grenadines isles to the north. It’s entitled as a National Park with lots of walking trails and guided tourism facilities to ensure safe and memorable trip. When here, the sight of land turtles, iguanas, soldier crabs, many colorful birds, and parrots are common yet splendid right from the start!

Gun Point

As strange as it sounds, Gun Point is named after the British erected cannon in 1780. It’s located past the Windward Village on the northern tip of Carriacou. When referring to the World Atlas and strict geographical markings, the point actually belongs to the Grenadians and St. Vincent however dominated by Carriacou.

The Petit Carenage Bay

Just below the Gun Point and Turtle Beach is the famous Petit Carenage Bay with its white sands that are also home to turtles. During the peak nesting season, guided tours are organized for night watches to protect the turtles and their precious eggs. This is perhaps the best of nature’s phenomenon to witness up, close and personal with a Grenada citizenship.

Anse La Roche Beach

Yet another beach known for its shining white sands and calmness is Anse La Roche. Visitors are however advised taking plenty of supplies to drink as well as mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

Tyrell Bay

Located on the southern side of the island being a calm and beautiful anchorage for yachts, Tyrell Bay also offers a line of bars and al-fresco restaurants from where you can indulge in the exotic Caribbean cuisine and watch the world go by.

Paradise Beach

The name perfectly complements to the white sands, azure waters and green trees in the backdrop; Paradise Beach has a selection of beachside bars and cafes where you can idle after a tiring day of excursion.

Sandy Island

One of the much smaller, outlying cays; Sandy Island is a perfect picnic spot courtesy of delis and tourist facilities. The island is perfect to play Robinson Crusoe as well as to sail in clear waters.

White Island

Yet another island but for adventurers is White Island! It’s totally rugged, untouched, wild but beautiful so all those coming here should gear up with a survival kit including food supplies, sunscreen, and insect repellent.


Grenada citizenship is your chance to explore nature closely at Carriacou.