It was in 1989 when the very first human laser eye surgery was performed and ever since the procedure has been widely accepted whereas laser technology further advanced, bearing quick and safer results. Today, LASIK in Dubai is performed most frequently and you can find state-of-the-art facilities carrying forward the procedure.

LASIK Technology & FDA Approval

Approval of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a significant factor when laser eye surgery and its technology is being concerned. Before undergoing LASIK in Dubai and to gain FDA approval, it’s important for the facility to prove that the medical device or apparatus is safe and effective.

The FDA is responsible for testing the laser eye surgery technology before its being supplied and installed in the surgical facilities and eye hospitals. Once approved, FDA also oversees devices if they continue to perform efficiently and safely.

The organisation has approved more than three dozen laser technologies associated to LASIK in Dubai as well as across the world.

Get to know about;

– Excimer Lasers

Excimer laser is essential for technology used in the laser eye surgery. Conceived in 1970, excimer laser fires a ray of ultraviolet light, able to penetrate a minute quantity of the cornea for the removal of tissue safely, without burning, tearing or affecting the adjoined skin. The minuscule fragments of the tissue is removed with high-energy pulses of ultraviolet light during reformation of the cornea and vision correction.

The coming of excimer in laser eye surgery technology revolutionised the industry and resulted in achieving far better results in less than usual time. Modern-day excimer lasers are controlled through the computer to treat different patients as per their vision deficiency.
Most are equipped with an automatic eye-tracking function to monitor a patient’s eye as it moves thus ensuring the ultraviolet beam remains on-the-spot without dispersion.

-Wavefront LASIK

The latest and FDA-approved technology in the laser-based surgical procedure for the eye is Wavefront LASIK that’s also termed as custom LASIK. The expression “custom” is due to personalised treatment for correcting ideal vision as per individual. The quality of vision is the greatest advantage of this particular procedure as chances of achieving a 20/20 vision or even better are above 90 percent thus promising clear vision without any contact lenses or glasses with many more benefits.

Critical facts

The Wavefront LASIK is not suitable for every patient so it’s important consulting the surgeon as well as a veteran ophthalmologist before undergoing the treatment. Upon approval, make sure the technology or device used initially for the surgery is FDA approved.
LASIK in Dubai particularly is being performed at renowned facilities located across the city. You may ask a reputable doctor or conduct research on facilities that feature the most advanced refractive technology and number of customization options for individual treatment.

Be familiar with the different laser technologies used during LASIK to ensure a safe and effective treatment.