How to apologize to your bestie after a huge fight

We all know how difficult it becomes when it comes to apologising to our best friends after a bad fight. It is easier to say sorry to our parents or partners, but with our friends saying sorry becomes the most difficult endeavour of all time. Also, the question of who is going to say sorry comes first and if you are like me who cannot stay without their best friend even for a day, then it is going to be your turn to apologise first and mend everything before it gets bad.

Some people don’t like to say sorry first although they want to and if your bestie feels the same, then also it is your turn to apologise first.

Here, are some simple tips that will let you apologise to your best friend in the sweetest way if you really have done some damage to your friendship.

  1. You should always take the first step by contacting them at first in any way possible. If they are very angry with you, then try to call their friends or family members (of both of you) and express your genuine cocker for your friendship and how really sorry you are. If you can convince them they might be able to help you in mending matters with your bestie.
  2. Get sorry cakes delivered to their place. Then, however, angry they were, they are sure to melt with this warm gesture of yours. After all who doesn’t like to get a good apology in the sweetest way possible? Sweeten your confession with a nice sorry cake and make them smile.
  3. If they agree to meet you and go out with you, then do take them out for dinner to the place where you both have fond memories of or maybe to both of yours favourite food joint and remind them of the memories you people have shared at that place. Talk about your issues over dinner, but try to be calm and composed during the whole time. After all, you don’t want your best buddy to get up and angrily leave you alone at the dinner.
  4. Mail them sorry messages or even write them a letter and post this wonderful sorry letter. Your friends will surely get touched with this huge step of yours. It is simple but very unconventional at this age to send letters. Take help from this old-world tactic to lighten up your friend’s mood.
  5. You can also send the flowers along with cake delivery to your best friend’s house in the morning. This classic step will look like something out of a movie and will surely impress even the angriest person.
  6. Pack some chocolates and a sorry card and gift-wrap them and give them to your bestie. They will surely get flattered with this cute gift.

Now go and apologise to your best buddy with these simple ways that will make him/her happy as well. They will be touched by your level of concern for this friendship. So, don’t waste any more time and go and hug them tightly.

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