4 Hassle-Free Ways to Rid Oil stains Off the Clothes

Collecting oil stains on the clothes usually mean you’ll discard your favourite shirt or trousers for good. There’s, however, an effective way to clean those nasty marks be it from motor or cooking oil rather easily. Unlike the typical talcum powder or cornstarch, you don’t want to make it messier and tougher to clean. Here’s how to remove oil stains from clothes and breathe a sigh of relief!

  1. Fresh spots

Pre-treatment is the best strategy for almost any type of stains on clothes especially oil-based. If you’re quick to tackle the mark the moment it happens, chances are high that you can clean the clothes completely without any prominent or hidden spot. Start by absorbing as much oil as possible while it’s still fresh using a paper towel or a clean rag. Simply dab on the stain till it stops appearing after which you can wash the garment as usual.

Cornstarch is, however, good to clean fresh oil stains! Just sprinkle some directly on the mark and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Brush off with your finger; don’t rub or you might set the stain deeper! The next thing is coating the oil-based blemish with industry-grade laundry pre-treatment products available in liquid, gel and stick forms. Once applied to the laundry or a particular piece of cloth, wash immediately either by hand or in a machine.

  1. Well-set stains

If you’re unable to treat the oil spot immediately as it happens, cleaning would be tough but not impossible! Luckily, there are certain steps you can still take to loosen it from the fibre before dumping the cloth in a washing machine. Start spreading layers of paper towels directly on the stain followed by application of a dry cleaning solvent, easily available at every convenient store. Lay another sheet of paper towel over the solvent and gently rub.

It’ll discharge some of the oil stains on the paper towels and do replace with a cleaner piece if it saturates completely. Repeat the process till the oil stops appearing on the sheet after which you should cover the affected area with a standard laundry treatment powder or solution and wash immediately.

  1. Wash the oiled clothes

If you’ve successfully pretreated the stains following the above two steps, a regular wash cycle in the machine is ought to do rest of the cleaning rather effectively. Carefully read the washing instructions to preserve the quality of the fabric. If it’s safe to wash with hot water, keep the temperature as high as possible and use plenty of detergents.

In case the garment is white, you can substitute ordinary detergent with bleach but, do test it first on an inconspicuous area for surety. Once washed, allow it to air dry and expose the fabric to sunlight; avoid dryer unless there isn’t another option.

  1. The finishing touch

Most of the stains would go off completely but if you still find some, it’s time to get even by immersing the garment in a solution of hot water and grease-fighting liquid dish soap. Rub it with a clean toothbrush for finishing touch or simply take it to a professional cleaner.


Let the above steps be your ultimate guide on how to remove oil stains from clotheshassle-freely!

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