To the south of  Vietnam lies the Mekong Delta, a biological treasure trove where over 1000 new species of animals have been discovered. But it is the colorful and vibrant floating markets that mainly lure visitors to the area.

The locals make their living on the river, literally. Not only do they live in homes constructed on the river, but they also buy and sell wares on hundreds of big boats. Each boat has a bamboo pole on which the seller hangs a sample of his goods that can be seen by customers from a distance. The boatmen trade in a mind-boggling variety of items from fruits, vegetables, flowers and fish to even company stocks! You will also find ‘fast food’ boats doing a brisk business of selling bowls of noodles.

The biggest floating market in the Mekong Delta is the Phung Hiep Market.

The floating market Cai Rang, Mekong Delta
The floating market Cai Rang Image credit-

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