The teachings of all the teachers in the world are like the leaves in a forest. But there are a few that we can use as medicine. Don’t take the whole tree, including root and stem. When you practise meditation or insight, you should take only things that will not let suffering occur in your mind, that can extinguish suffering at its source, can destroy delusion. You can take only the most important part of the teaching. The heart of the teaching I am talking about, is to be aware of yourself, to have the mind steady, to have complete knowing. When a thought arises, you should see it, know it, understand it in every manner, and know how to prevent it from deceiving you.

According to Lord Buddha’s teachings, there are many procedures to cure suffering. You should choose one of them with mindfulness and wisdom.

What you should understand in practising Dhamma is “calmness”. There are two kinds of calmness:

  1. Concentration (Samathapractice) is calmness without liberating knowledge. It is calmness under the power of delusion.
  2. Insight (Vipassanapractice) is calmness that you clearly know, really know, clearly see, and really see. You can practise this kind of meditation while you are working, sitting, eating, whatever you are doing. You don’t have to stay still but should know the movement of body and mind every moment. When the body moves, feel it; when the mind moves, know it. The movement of mind is thought. As soon as a thought arises, you should know it, understand it, and manage to conquer it. Do the continuous practice until you achieve total awareness; you will have the knowledge that liberates. You will see, you will know, you will understand.

Practising correctly means seeing, knowing, understanding by and in yourself. A knowledge and understanding that cannot from anyone else. When you practise correctly the not-knowing just disappears while the knowledge that liberates appears in its place; stupidity disappears and wisdom will immediately replace it; darkness and unhappiness disappear while brightness and calmness will be there instead.

~ Teachings of Luangpor Teean

Luangpor Teean teaching, spirituality, meditation
100th Luangpor Teean  Image credit- @Luangpor_Teean

PS:  Dynamic Meditation, Mahasati meditation is a form of mindfulness meditation. It is a technique developed by Thai Buddhist reformist Luangpor Teean Cittasubho. Mahasati Meditation uses the movement of the body to generate self-awareness and is a powerful tool for self-realization. Practiced throughout Asia and in theUnited States, this method of meditation is appropriate for anyone regardless of religion or nationality.