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by bdunnette Pop Quiz! | Flickr
  1. Where does the Shompen live?

         a)  Lakshadweep Islands

b)  Maldives

c)  Nicobar Islands


2.      Why didn’t Alexander Bell, the inventor of the telephone, never telephone his wife or mother?


3.   If your grandparents are celebrating their ruby anniversary, how many years have they been married?

a) 60 years

b) 50 years

c) 40 years


4 .  What is the currency of Indonesia?


Scoring – 1 point for each correct answer

Rating if your score is 4-  Excellent

Rating if your score is 3-  Average

Rating if your score is 1-2 – Poor 




2. They were both dead.

3. c.

4. Rupiah