Try to watch your thoughts during the day, as if they are not yours, without being sucked into them. Become conscious of the fact that you are watching your thoughts. Then its awareness of watching will increase.

You will have to remind yourself incessantly to practice watching your thoughts, as your mind will probably make you forget. Do not give up and you will succeed. If you practise as often as you can, you will be on the way to success. It may take some time, but the effort is more than worthwhile.

You can also increase your peace of mind by developing the power of concentration, by meditation, by physical exercise, and by correct breathing.


You are not your mind!

You are not your thoughts!

You are not your ideas!

You are not your beliefs!

They may be yours, but they are not you.

They are instruments after that you use. Do not let them control you.

What remains after they are rejected, is you, the real  “I”.

You are the quiet impersonal feeling of being that remains after your dis-identify yourself from everything else. It is hard to explain this in words, but through appropriate training, you will come to realise what true peace of mind is.

When thoughts cease, you still exist. There is no vacuum. When the emptiness of no thoughts is reached, you begin to feel your existence, your being. This emptiness is filled with something great, wonderful, powerful and sweet. You start living in Peace. You sail on the water of the calm mind.

This is Pure Existence.

When you realise this state, you are free from thoughts.

Then you are really free.

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In this state, nothing can influence you. You stop acting instinctively on each passing thought. You become completely conscious being, alive, strong, beyond everything.

You stay in this world. Your life continues, but you are beyond.

True peace of mind is the gate to Establishment.

Think of serenity of mind as a feasible possibility. Calm your mind with concentration, meditation,and affirmations, and start enjoying peace of mind.

~ Remez Sasson

Remez Sasson- Spirituality, thoughts
Remez Sasson standing by the river

He has been writing for many years about self-improvement, positive thinking and motivation, and about spiritual growth, meditation, and inner peace. Some of his books are – Will Power & Self-Discipline, Peace of Mind in daily life, Positive Thinking- The key to success and Visualise and Achieve. You can read more about him here