According to author Walter Staples, there are five wonders which operate the mind.

The wonders of the mind- bear in mind
Bear in mind
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  1. We think in pictures that are activated by words. For example, when we think of a wedding we see a bride in bridal costume and the happy faces of parents. When we think of a funeral, we picture sadness, sobbing a sense of loss and solemn faces.
  2. We always ‘act out’ the pictures in our head. For example, when we go for an interview, we see ourselves in confident light and perform well. When we see ourselves in poor light, we perform poorly.
  3. We can change the pictures in our head to whatever we want. William Shakespeare said: “Life is but a stage and we are all actors”. We have to create a fiction in our imagination, act it out and it becomes true. The formula is that fiction is that fiction with sufficient fixity of thought becomes a fact.
  4. The mind cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction. In other words, we cannot distinguish between a picture by choice from a picture by chance. For example, when you see an advertisement on television several times it makes an impact and you start believing it is a reality.
  5. The mind can imagine things for us that we cannot contemplate. For example, John Rockefeller,  Elvis Prestley, JRD Tata all started with a little dream which became larger and larger through hope and inspiration which in turn led to fame and fortune beyond their wildest dreams.

It is only a question of playing the game, working the wonders with proper inputs and making them real. There are opportunities all around us. It is a question of seizing them and see where it takes you. It means that we can imagine ourselves doing whatever we want in our lives.