Things Your Sister Wants To Hear From Her Brother This Rakhi Season

The relationship that existed between me and my sibling was like any brother and sister relationship. Sometimes we used to fight together, played board games together, went for secretive road trips and had done some serious pillow fights when Mom and Dad were not at home. I don’t remember a single day when my brother might have said some really good things about me. It was only after marriage that the rivalry between the two of us had decreased and we had come really close to each other.

For all the brothers out there, we have listed down some things which we would like to hear from you and we being sisters wouldn’t like to wait till we get married for you to tell us how you really feel about us. After all it is the rakhi season when you are planning to send rakhi to USA with free shipping to let him know that you love him.

Raksha Bandhan, Shopping, Festival in India

  • You have always been the most valuable person for me and know matter whether you know it or not but I will fight the whole world for you. You are simply the best person to have by my side.
  • Even though I keep teasing you that you are ugly but trust me you are not only pretty as a person but you bring beauty in our lives and you have an excellent personality too.
  • You are the smartest person on earth, I know you have the perfect sense and attitude of handling situations perfectly well even though I continue to treat you like a young kid. And even though I keep telling you that your advices are amateurish like you but I have secretly used them in several situations and have found them quite fruitful too.
  • I have never old you that you are a gifted lady who comes with her own sense of talent and strength. I have the perfect faith on you that you will do something really great some day and will surely be ruling the world too.
  • No matter where we are but you can surely count on me. You can give me a call even at the most odd hours, I will be there to help you and help you out in times of trouble.

And I know that after hearing those heartfelt things from your mother your heart will surely melt and you will definitely plan to send rakhi to USA from India to let him know how much you love him.



*/Anjali Gupta is a travel blogger with three years of experience. She also writes for travel websites as a guest author and recommends best travel tips and destinations. You can get in touch with her at her Google+ profile page. /*

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