Housie also known as Bingo and Tambola. It is a gambling game played in Britain, New Zealand, Australia and India.  In this game, the players mark off numbers on their ticket as they are called out randomly.

A housie ticket is as shown above. It comprises fifteen numbers, set in nine columns by three rows. The players when they come to the venue have to buy tickets or book of tickets. The game has a compere or a caller, whose task is to call out numbers and to check the winning tickets. He/ she will then announce the prize or prizes for each game. Usually, the prizes are given as under:

Full House– All the fifteen numbers have been called and ticked off on the ticket.

Line–  Covering the horizontal line of five numbers on the ticket.  The prizes are given to top, middle and bottom line winners.

Compere or caller slangs- Usually, when the numbers are called out they have slang terms which are as under:

Number 1 – “Kelly’s Eye”.

Number 10- “10 Downing Street”

Number 12- “Dozen”

Number 45- “Halfway there”

Number 69 – “Dinner for Two Sixty-Nine”

Number 88- “Two Fat Ladies”

Number 90 –Top of the shop”.

Bingo- “Full House”




*/This post is inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge Numbers./*