6 Most Prolific Writers in History

Recently, the Guinness record went to the most prolific writer Charles Hamilton. He is estimated to have written more than a 100 million words. The following are some others.

Prolific writers
Corin Tellado

Corin Tellado– Spanish writer aka Maria del Socorro Tellado Lopez, lived from 1927-2009 and published more than 4000 novels. She sold more than 400 million copies of them too.

Ryoki Inoue Image credit-josemartinmolina.com
Ryoki Inoue
Image credit-josemartinmolina.com

Ryoki Inoue– Brazilian author Ryoki Inoue is a thoracic surgeon. He also…er dabbles in Portuguese language pulp fiction to the tune of nearly 1,100 books. And he still continues to write.

Prolific writer Kathleen Lindsay
Image credit thewhynot100.blogspot.com

Kathleen Lindsay She was an English romance writer with at least 11 pen names. She died in 1973 (at the age of 70) having written more than 900 books.

Lauran Paine Image credit- zenithcity.com
Lauran Paine
Image credit zenithcity.com

Lauran Bosworth Paine– Seventy books would constitute a prolific career. Lauran Bosworth Paine had 70 different pen names. He wrote mostly Western fiction. Has written over 850 books.

Enid Blyton assorted covers
Enid Blyton assorted covers

Enid Mary Blyton– The well-known English writer of children’s books who died in 1968. Her work has been translated into almost 90 languages. She wrote more than 800 books, generating the total sales more than J K Rowling.

Barbara cartland Image credit- www.independent.co.uk
Barbara Cartland
Image credit http://www.independent.co.uk

Barbara Cartland– or Barbara McCorquodale, whether writing cookbooks or health books or historical fiction, she was most certainly writing. She lived 99 years (until 2000) and wrote 723 books.

Do let me know if you know other prolific writers in the comment section.

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