The National Mall, Washington D.C., USA

This is simply amazing.

life to reset

washington dc

Let’s just say that New York has the skyscrapers while Los Angeles has the beach, but Washington D.C. has the history and power to boot.
washington dc

Consider a stopover to D.C. similar to stepping inside into one huge museum where you can grasp everything there is about America- the history, the great Presidents, the artworks, the museums, the monuments, the politics and of course, the White House which is smaller than I imagined it would be.

Surrounded by Potomac River, a compact city as it is but definitely a worthy place to explore for its neoclassical buildings and grand avenues.
washington dc
washington dc
washington dc
washington dc
washington dc
washington dc

I arrived in D.C. during late autumn month, anticipating for a colder days than New York as the weather app predicted it will be, but to my surprise it was as warm as summer. Nothing to complain though, with clear blue skies it was indeed a perfect time to explore D.C…

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