Jeb Buchman Photography

barnfinallong Nikon D800E, Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 at 45mm, f/8, ISO 200, 373s.  Singh-Ray 15 Stop Mor-Slo ND filter and 2 stop reverse graduated ND filter.

For those of you who are interested in going out and getting some high quality landscape photographs, here’s a comprehensive list of items you will either want to consider, or must have, in order to get really good shots.

1)Google.  Whenever I start to plan a photo shoot to a particular location, I usually begin by googling the area.  If it’s a relatively well-known location, you will probably get some very interesting and comprehensive websites made by other photographers or adventurists/bloggers.  Problem is, if it’s a famous location, you will also get a ton of useless and even incorrect information as well.  Weeding through Google to pick out the helpful and high quality blogs/sites about any well-known location from the crummy sites is an art form all…

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