The Little Lai: Beyond limits

Relishing in the environs of inner peaceful Island is what everyone’s dream to experience, traipsing their feet to white dust like sand beach is what everyone wish to feel. A lulling sound of sea breeze kissing someones surface is what everyone desire because it’s too comforting and relaxing.

Kalanggaman Island is situated a few miles away from the mainland of Polompon, Leyte. An Island worth more than any words to describe because of its lucent blue water, long reach of white powdery sand bar, facing exquisitely in the vast blue ocean, and an Island left in its natural state.


I discovered about this Island 3 years ago, I was then not fond of travelling and never been in love to travel. I used to only appreciate the beauty of nature by seeing photographs and hearing it from my traveler friends. But a sudden modification of taste in travel brought…

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