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The main reason to visit Valencia was mainly because of this complex. I have been intrigued by the modern designs of the City of Arts and Sciences complex. The complex has seven modern design buildings with different functionality but mainly for entertainment, cultural and science. The buildings and overall concepts of the complex were designed by notable Spanish architects Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela.

City of Arts and Sciences City of Arts and Sciences

I love taking the pictures of the buildings in this complex. The complex itself is very huge. We spent a whole day touring around the complex.

L’Hemisfèric.  My favorite building. Unfortunately I was unable to visit inside of this building, it was closed during our visit. But enjoying its architecture was a delight. I could not stop admiring it. The building is aimed for IMAX theater and planetarium. On my previous post, I have shown a picture of L’Hemisferic as The…

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