I remember watching The Jetsons out of sheer admiration for the future. So here we are now, in 2016…

The Jetson family (clockwise from upper left) — Rosie (robot), George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, and Astro the dog.

Flat screens… flat screens all over

Jetsons and flatscreens
furniture fascinating ideas of wall mount for flat screen tv consideration Image source -http://charzone.top/

The first season of The Jetsons aired in 1962. They depict the world within the 2060s, wherever flat screens are the norm – all over. Sure, these days that looks common, however, if you take a glance at alternative series, that were developed a lot later, even within the 90s, you don’t see this rise of flat screens.

Jane Jetson watches robot football on her wall-sized TV screen
Jane Jetson watches robot football on her wall-sized TV screen Image source SMITHSONIAN.COM

Household robots

new household robots like asimo take tai chi lessons to improve agility Image source- www.emaze.com
new household robots like Asimo take tai chi lessons to improve agility
Image source http://www.emaze.com

They got it right… type of. Rosie is a robot maid able to think for herself and learn new things. She additionally seems to have her own personality… and during this regard, we tend to still don’t have robots like this. However, we tend to have cleaning robots – in 2012, Honda ‘s Asimo was the foremost advanced mechanism so far. It will walk, speak and have straightforward interactions with humans.  Furthermore, you might have robots which may keep the house clean, most notably the iRobot – therefore, we tend to have robots which may interact with us and clean the house – we tend to simply don’t have robots which may do each at an equivalent time. But, we could still figure that out.

Rosie from the Jetsons

Video chat

Video chat with Skype
Video chat with Skype Image source – dailytechmag.com

Video chat was foretold by several, however, The Jetsons were the first. Though you don’t see Mr George or Mr.Spacely use Plantronics Cisco Headsets or Skype to speak to their families, the technology is similar. Videophones and video conferences (with quite a pair of people) were developed all the approach back within the 970s as a part of AT&T’s development of Picturephone technology. However, it wasn’t till the first 2000s that everything extremely took off.

I vividly remember that George Jetson’s video phone was just about the coolest thing I’d ever seen when I was a kid.

Everything within the Jetsons revolves around nanotechnologies – even George’s automobile shrinking to a suitcase size, and we’re getting down to see that. As of August 21, 2008, the Project on rising Nanotechnologies estimates that over 800 manufacturer-identified nanotech merchandise are in public out there, with new ones hit the market at a pace of 3–4 per week and ceaselessly growing. Therefore,  we don’t have shrinking cars, we’ve titanium oxide in sun blocker, cosmetics, surface coatings, and some food products; Carbon allotropes used to turn out gecko tape; silver in food packaging, clothing, disinfectants and social unit appliances; philosopher’s wool in sunscreens and cosmetics, surface coatings, paints and out-of-doors furnishings varnishes; and Cerium oxide as a fuel catalyst. We’re still within the early phases of engineering science, however, we’re getting there.

The Pillcam, a swallowable tiny camera that takes a lot of pictures while it goes through the digestive system, got approved by the FDA.


Flying cars

Flying-car maker adds vertical take-off, hybrid-electric model to planned line-up

Flying cars were seen in The Jetsons but we have not yet seen them. The research is still working on them. A U.S. aerospace firm is designing a vehicle that drives like a car, takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane.

Jetsons Sunday Drive Image source- wildsvillegallery.com
Jetsons Sunday Drive
Image source wildsvillegallery.com


*/This post is inspired by WPC Future. The past and the present might be open to interpretation but are still constrained by the reality of what was and is. The future? It’s tremendously intangible, brimming with possibility. /*




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