Social Media Week (SMW) was one of the hyper-social week-long festivals in the country. This event focuses on digital, social & innovation. The overarching theme for this SMW Mumbai 2015 was – ‘Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of Connected Class’. SMW was happening in three cities simultaneously – Mumbai, Chicago & Santiago.

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SMW Mumbai was hosted by R SQUARE Consulting a marketing firm focusing on building Communities through Brand Properties and executing Marketing Communication strategies for Clients through Events & Activations, Digital Marketing & Technology and Creative Services. For more visit

In the SMW Mumbai, Day 5, 20th November 2015 at IMDI was a workshop on writing. The workshop – SPINNING CONTENT – WRITING FOR THE WEB was hosted by Blogadda and conducted by Parineeta Mehra. was started in 2007 and from there it has grown to become the largest community of bloggers in India. It is a platform for bloggers to connect with each other, showcase their blogs and participate in interesting activities. The Adda has given writers various avenues to introduce their blogs to a large audience and interact with their readers.

Tangy Tuesday and Spicy Saturday Picks – These blog posts are handpicked every week to be featured on BlogAdda, widening the reach of the blogger.

Collectives– Curated content sourced from various blogs which have a common thread.
W.O.W- Bloggers write on prompts given every week and the best of them are featured on the site.

Contests– BlogAdda gives bloggers to participate in exciting contests, create great content and win exciting prizes!


Book Reviews– Readers can get their hands on new books and write reviews for them on their blog.

Perky Tweets– The best and funniest tweets of the week are picked every week for your enjoyment

The introduction to each other was done in the most unusual way where we were given a paper to draw the city we belonged to, our food, our hobbies and our goal (what would you be 5 years from now). Each of us drew but were not allowed to describe or write about it but simply draw. Then we paired up with the person next to us. The other person had to create a ‘six-word story’ from what we drew. It was a fun and exciting game. I had never introduced myself in this way. In fact, it was not me who introduced but the other person gave the introduction of me in ‘six-words’ and vice –versa.

In the second exercise, we were divided into groups and were given an article to read, highlight the keywords and make a chart giving a visual presentation of it in the form of a drawing of what we understood. All got down to work as a team and soon the chart was ready. Each team had then to give a presentation of the same. The charts were put up on the board for ‘best chart’. The best chart team got a Bourneville Chocolate.

Finally, group photo of all in this workshop giving a thumbs-up and few takeaways from this workshop:
  • Teamwork
  • Networking
  • Introducing yourself in a different way
  • How to write better blogs? Writing original and creative content.

Thank you, Blogadda for such a wonderful workshop.

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