Dr. A.P.J Kalam’s birth anniversary is today, 15 October 2015. Let us see how across India, a tribute is paid to the Missile Man.
The day has been declared Vaachan Prerna Diwas or Reading Day. According to a government order on October 7, students of class III-VIII across schools in Maharashtra shall not carry school bags on October 15. Schools students shall read non-academic books, host book exhibitions, have discussions on books, teach students about renowned authors from across the globe. The Deputy Director of Mumbai region, B.B. Chavan said that, “Kalam’s writings are an inspiration to students and youth. These activities will help students develop an interest for reading, which is sorely lacking. So, we created the ‘school without bags’ plan for that day.”
On the occasion, a sand sculpture has been created at Odisha’s Puri beach by sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik.  It is five feet high structure using about four tons of sand with the message “Tribute to Dr. Abdul Kalam, 84th birth anniversary.” We lost this great man this year on July 27, 2015 when he suffered a cardiac arrest in Shillong.
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“Creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.”~Dr. Kalam


Art is a way to encourage the process and experience of creative thinking.”~ Dr. Kalam

School children of Velammal school in Chennai have prepared a life-size image. 
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6,000 students stand in a formation to create an image of former President of India Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam spreading over 15,000 sq. ft. in Chennai.

“When children are encouraged to express themselves and take risks in creating art they develop a sense of innovation that will help produce the kind of people that society needs to take it forward-thinking, inventive and creative.”~Dr. Kalam


“All during my student days what kept me going was my dream to achieve something big my desire to live a better life and my commitment to a disciplined of living.”~Dr. Kalam

Tamil Nadu government has declared this day as ‘Youth Renaissance Day’. Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa said she had issued directions to constitute the ‘Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Award’ for persons who strive towards promoting scientific growth, humanities and students’ welfare and that the award would be given away during Independence Day every year.
Further, October 15, Kalam’s birthday, would henceforth be observed as ‘Youth Renaissance Day’ by the Tamil Nadu government, she said.
“Abdul Kalam always wanted to remain a teacher. He was a driving force behind the growth of youth by his enlightening remarks that struck a chord with students,” she said while recalling his contributions towards India’s growth.
Kalam was a multi-faceted personality, often described as ‘Missile Man’ and ‘Nuclear Hero,’ Jayalalithaa said while tracing his humble origins.
To conclude, here are few words from the ‘Missile Man’ himself to the children
O Mother, Mother India,
You have nursed us and grown us, 
And gave us a parting mission 
And an eternal message.

“O my sons and daughters, 
Wherever you go, 
Whatever mission you do, 
Remember my children, 
My three advices golden!

Always be truthful even in danger,
Sweat and sweat to acquire, 
Knowledge and name, 
Wherever you live enrich that land.

O, Mother we crossed the oceans and seas
With many generation of yours with your blessings,
We made new lands prosperous,
We made knowledge as the way of life
Sweat as the way of life and 
We give and give to honour you

What we do is for honoring you,
We will always be children yours,
Wherever we are, 
Whatever we do, 
We will always be children yours!.
O Mother, Mother India.