MBA degree, in contemporary times, is the most sought after. The shine of an MBA degree has evolved over the years. The main purpose, behind it, is that you get investment returns after completion of MBA from a renowned B-School.

The job opportunities in the following areas open up surplus options for an MBA graduate: Biotechnology, telecom-management, infrastructure development, hospitality management, retail, accounting, aviation, operations, general management, finance, sales and marketing, human resources, international business, IT, health care management and import/export. It could be a senior role in management to initiating one’s own entrepreneurial venture or an analyst. Analytical skills that are enhanced during the B-school curriculum, while examining case studies and acquiring lot of financial information, comes handy in an analyst job. They work to define opportunities and problems.
Other avenues are – investment banking, management consultant, private equity/venture capital. Investment banking is one of the hot pursuits of an MBA graduate. The job is to raise capital and advise others on acquisitions. MBA graduate can apply most of his knowledge, acquired during the course. In case of management consultant, the key responsibility is of problem solving, with a consultant firm, where the salary is substantial.
It is quite an easy task to get a job if one considers the right one for one’s career success with in-depth analysis and speculation. One needs to contemplate while assessing a job offer on whether the organisation will be a good place to work? Is it an interesting job? Will there be opportunities for advancement? Is the salary justified? Are good benefits offered by the employer?
After successful completion of the program, a candidate gets lucrative job opportunities with big companies in India and abroad. In their present organisation, they stand the chance to climb higher up the corporate ladder. Alternatively, they could have their own venture which enables them to create an international network of personal and professional contacts. People from various backgrounds like finance, human resources, etc. take this course so that they can have an edge over others.


MBA graduates often get huge pay packets and better roles in companies. Familiarity with the organisation makes an MBA graduate grow and apply new knowledge and skills. The company offers more complex and demanding assignments. The candidate who has been with the organisation for a long time will also know the culture, workings, processes and products of a company. This means the MBA graduate becomes an asset for company’s overall environment. The candidate needs to be flexible with his own organisation if he wants to continue in the organisation.
On the other hand, MBA candidates are ambitious and seek a career progression. A fresh start then becomes a positive step in a career where the new role offers new aspirations and knowledge.
To conclude, MBA graduate needs to evaluate his pros and cons of his current organisation vs a job opportunity and take a wise decision which he/she does not repent in future. It is essential for you to know your true talent and desire that helps, decide on the job, best suitable for you.