Yesterday, I had a conversation with my neighbour, Mrs.Deshmukh.

Mrs. Deshmukh: My internet network is so slow. I am downloading this app Whatsapp on my mobile and it is taking so long. I want to be on Whatsapp with my friends and family.

Me: Why don’t you try Airtel? Airtel has launched its 4G services in over 296 cities across India. It is the first telecom operator to launch next-generation mobile internet technology. With 4G, you can download movies and low-resolution video streams at unbelievable speeds. You get same data benefits as your 3G pack and enjoy 4G speeds at no extra cost.


Mrs. DeshmukhWow, that is wonderful. What is 4G?
Me:  4G is the fourth generation standard for mobile communication. A successor to 3G, 4G technology offers ultra-fast broadband Internet with higher data transfer speeds and improved services. Also referred to as LTE (Long Term Evolution), Airtel network is equipped to offer max speeds of up to 45 Mbps (megabits/seconds). With such high download speeds, users can enjoy zero buffering while streaming high-definition videos. Also, a 1GB file would take roughly about three minutes to download. But of course, these are peak speeds.

Me: I have an Airtel 3G SIM. Airtel is giving free 4G SIM to whoever has it. I have tweeted #GetAirtel4G. Airtel shall send me free home delivery of 4G SIM. As an introductory offer, Airtel is offering its 4G services at the cost of 3G. Once the Airtel 4G SIM card gets activated, you can subscribe to the 4G data services right away and experience high-speed internet connectivity and download speeds.


Mrs. Deshmukh: Oh, that is nice to know. Sunil, my son has an Airtel SIM. I shall ask him to do the same. But, how to upgrade my old SIM to Airtel 4G?

Me: Airtel has launched a dedicated website where you can check if your number is eligible for the 4G upgrade. If yes, you can request for a free 4G SIM right way, which will be delivered at your doorstep within four hours. 

Visit the dedicated Airtel page enter your Airtel contact number. If it shows that your number is eligible for the 4G upgrade, click on next and fill in the required details. Depending on the availability and your locality, the new 4G enabled SIM card will be delivered to your doorstep within four hours, or on the next day.

  • Once you have the SIM card, you will have to text the 20-digit SIM number to 121. It will ask you to confirm SIM number change, just select 1 to confirm and within the next one hour, your new 4G enabled SIM card will get activated.
  • Insert the new SIM card in your handset and you shall get a welcome message along with Internet settings.
  • Once all this is done, just make the top-up data refill (on prepaid) and you’re good to go and use the high-speed 4G services.

Mrs Deshmukh: I will upgrade to Airtel 4G today and download apps faster.



Mrs Deshmukh has decided to upgrade to Airtel 4G, the fastest network, so what are you waiting for?


 */This is a promotional post for Airtel/*