Everybody desires to have a radiant skin and is not gender specific. There are many products available in the market that vouch to give you glowing and radiant skin but not all of them give desired results.Here are some natural therapies that you can try out at home which my grandmother suggested to me as a child:-

Gram Flour (Besan) for skin

Gram flour is an easily available ingredient in Indian kitchens and is used in cooking for many delicious recipes. Popularly known as chickpeas flour, besan, cici flour or garbanzo bean flour, gram flour is a type of flour obtained from grinding chickpeas.

Gram flour combats the relapse of acne: Gram flour’s exfoliating properties keep acne at bay. Here is a natural pack that you can make:-
a pinch of turmeric powder one teaspoon of raw milk.
Two teaspoons of sandalwood powder.
Two teaspoons of gram flour.
Apply it to the affected areas of the skin and allow it to dry.
Wash with cool water.

Pack for oily skin:

If you have oily skin, chickpeas flour absorbs the excess oil from the skin and regulates the secretion of natural skin oils.
Mix chickpeas flour and rose-water. Alternatively, you can beat an egg white and add two tablespoons of gram flour to it.
This mask should be kept on an oily skin for 15 minutes and then washed off with cold water.

Pack for dry skin:

Dry skin needs consistent hydration and nourishment to keep it healthy and glowing.
Make a paste of gram flour and olive oil and gently massage your dry skin with this paste on a regular basis. Results can be noticed after a week.

Gram flour pack for combination skin:

People with combination skin have trouble using products since the ones meant for oily skin tend to dry out their skin, whereas the ones meant for dry skin are too greasy. Such people also tend to suffer from unmanageable blackheads and whiteheads.
Make a paste of ½ teaspoon fenugreek powder.
Two teaspoons of gram flour.
Spread over this paste to the areas affected by the oiliness of skin and the manifestation of blackheads and whiteheads.
Gently scrub to dislodge them from the skin.
Wash off with cold water.

On a regular usage of this gram flour face pack, blackheads, and whiteheads do not recur. Keep your gorgeous face glowing by using this regularly.

Ayurveda has several benefits over cosmetic facial cleansing systems. It improves the texture and health of the skin as compared to the unsafe cosmetic ones. Ayurvedic formula along with the microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads.

Vicco Laboratories has launched VICCO Turmeric Cream with foam base to tackle these skin problems. Over the years, Vicco has made its niche in Ayurveda. It is a handy cream that could be taken along with you while traveling. #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin, the natural way.

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