This Is Us’ rocks!

Killer Jeans is for a casual chic, in the summer, with cute shorts and really fun shirts to go along with. It showcased an amazing collection which comprised of linen shorts, lounging shorts and lots of summer jackets. Plaid shirts, striped tees and interesting scarves were simply amazing with denim. A brand that is associated with being youthful, trendy, vibrant and with an attitude.
Sarah Jane Dias, a fashion diva graced the ramp in showcasing the collection. She gave a live singing performance for Killer Jeans ‘This Is Us’ at Lakme Fashion Week with an international track ‘a Forgot to be mea’.  Sarah was overwhelmed with the positive feedback and interest. She felt like being in a movie with hot models of Killer Jeans around her while she was singing.On the Jabong stage, people just stared and made it worthwhile while Killer Jeans collection was showcased.

Sarah Jane Dias at Lakme Fashion Week

Killer Jeans is synonymous with the rebellion spirit of the youth. Killer was first to introduce Low Rise jeans and Shreds’ jeans to India. A range of denims from bleached, brushed, ripped, torn and even ridden with bullets give a whole new character to them. It also has an eco-friendly range of denims. ‘Water Saver Jeans’ saves about 80 litres of water in the manufacturing stage of the jeans. 

Killer Jeans are not only stylish but also comfortable to wear.  A commonly worn apparel has a trendy design. The brand is constantly innovating and has a collection which is exciting and different in washes, treatments and styles. Filled with a classic touch and a dynamic style, it fascinates you with being classy and comfortable that is irresistible. The best part of it is that it is affordable with a good quality cloth. Killer Jeans really rocks.
Killer Jeans Slim fit for men

Killer is a powerful and largest selling denim brand that includes women’s and men’s ready-to-wear jeans, trousers, cargos, capris, shirts, jackets, tee-shirts, innerwear(vests and briefs), footwear (shoes, socks), eye-wear and other addictive accessories(belts, bracelets etc.). The ‘Killer for her’ is an exclusive range for women.
Over the years, Killer has increased its brand value with innovations in style, designs, crafting the product. It is a name to reckon with highest standards of Indian Western denim wear. Truly, it is the first international Indian brand created and owned by Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited.

*/This is a promotional post for Killer Jeans/*

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