Everyone wishes to have a flawless skin and it is not gender-specific. A therapeutic vegetable oil known for centuries has medicinal uses. The colour is pale yellowish and odourless exude, with a distinct taste. The castor seed needs to be mashed to remove the outer covering and obtain Castor oil. Castor oil offers remedies in many skin problems like acne, pimples, sunburns, clogging of pores, stretch marks and dry flaky skin. By applying castor oil, the skin is detoxified, moisturised and nourished resulting in soft skin. On a regular use of castor oil on skin, you notice a reduction in facial blemishes, wrinkles and swollen eyes. So, switch over to this natural skin care to look young.

Acne Acne is caused due to a range of genetic to hormonal and from environmental to psychological factors. It is usually attributed to the excess secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands, which become active as both genders reach puberty.
Steps to follow for curing acne problems:

  • Wash the infected part of the skin with lukewarm water so that it cleanses and opens up the pores. Then splash the infected part with cold water, which constricts them to the original form. If it’s your face then wash with warm water, then follow by cold. 
  • Take a clean cloth of soft surface and dampen with lukewarm water. Add to this moistened cloth two drops of castor oil. Dab this cloth with castor oil on your skin with circular motions. If you need more then you may add more drops of castor oil to dampen the cloth. Apply with caution on primary acne breakout zones as they may irritate the already inflamed skin. 
  • The application has to be left overnight so that castor oil can work its magic. Your skin shall absorb the amount of moisture that is required and the oil shall bind the dirt particles that were causing harm. In the morning, gently cleanse your skin and notice the difference in your skin. 
  • By using this application regularly, three to four times a week, you shall see visible results. 

Caution if your skin feels irritated, discontinue use. But, this happens very rarely and this magic application is not right for you.

Overall, Castor oil is very beneficial and is used in many soaps and creams. It is also an important ingredient in hair care products because of its moisturising capacity.

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