Frizzy hair usually occurs because of dehydration of hair. Hair loses its moisture because of pollution, cosmetics, ironing, drying and exposure to sunlight. If you consume a lot of water every day, then it is less likely to occur. Your scalp gets water from the body. The water that is consumed provides it to the hair. Following are some home remedies for frizzy hair:-

Hot oil massage – For nourishment and relaxation to the skin and hair, a good oil massage is excellent. The oils penetrate deep inside the skin and scalp and provide required lubrication and moisturizing. The heated oil acts as a calming agent that aids in releasing the frizzy hair. You can apply any oil, coconut, olive and almond oil is preferred.

Egg hair mask– Crack two eggs in a bowl and toss away the outside shells. Heat four teaspoons of olive oil and add it to the bowl.  Using a spoon, whip them well until a fine semi-solid mixture is formed. Apply this mixture to every strand of hair and scalp just as you would apply oil to hair. Cover your head with a plastic shower cap for around 30 minutes.  Ensure all the strands are covered inside the plastic cap. Wash off with warm water after 30 minutes. Continue doing this for a couple of days and you shall see excellent results.
Avocado hair mask– Cut a few avocado fruits into fine pieces. Beat a couple of eggs and set them aside. Make a fine paste of both with a mixer.  Ensure that the paste is liquid in nature. This paste has to be applied to your hair strands, affected hair ends, curls and scalp systematically. Apply in the morning and leave it on for two or three hours, then wash it off when you have a bath. Do not use shampoo. Use this for 2-3 days to solve your frizzy hair problem.
Lemon Juice– With one portion of warm water, add two portions of lemon juice. Mix it. The quantity should be in proportion to the length of your hair.  This solution should be applied for 10 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
With all of the above home remedies, you shall have beautiful long hair wherever you go.


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