There are a number of ways to get visitors to one’s website. The basic, which individuals and business, almost have to struggle while investing their money and time are in search and social.  One has to understand this for conducting business in the Internet world. One is always in a conflict which is better than the other or only one needs to be pursued and not the other for online marketing.
Some pointers to understand whether social media marketing is better than search engine marketing:
Recommendations from peers on social media– People in the age group of 18-26 use recommendations on social sites in researching a product before buying it which has become an online trend. Social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ work on peer recommendations with a like on the page. This will be seen by other connections and will help grow one’s business and get discovered by more people with the approval seal.
Criticism – With search engine results, there are negative things that show up or otherwise nothing is displayed. Reputation online is crucial for business to survive if bad reviews, reports, or other damaging articles show up then it could affect business. The solution to this is whenever one comes across criticism on social media, one need to turn those comments into compliments by reverting to it as soon as possible. This is essential for the current and potential customer to know that one cares about everyone’s satisfaction with one’s business.
Having one’s way with the target audience– With Facebook advertising, StumbleUpon ads, Promoted Tweets and advertising on social media, one could put business content in front of social media audience. This in turn gets visitors on one’s website, Facebook page and visibility for one’s business on social media platform.
Better management of reputation-One can optimize social media marketing with the help of search engine results too with reputation management. If one is concerned about their online presence then social media is the way.  Social profiles that normally rank well for businesses include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. If the only online content created by one appears on the first page when someone searches for the brand name, then one is well on their way to creating a great first impression. This prevents negative results and creates stronger brand presence.
One has seen how social media marketing is better than search engine marketing. Now let’s see how search engine marketing can help social media marketing:
Optimization strategies   Utilization of keyword is essential for social media. Many people search for particular keywords on social media; one could use different tools to do this. This will help update one’s status updates and bio information for search in social media.
Improve one’s on-site presence: Social media profiles have customizable tools that are profile name, description, image which can be tweaked for better search optimization. This will help for better branding and keyword placement for digital marketing.
Finally, to conclude the search and social media have to be in juxtaposition as search is not getting replaced by social but is supplemented by it.  In contemporary times, it is essential to set up one’s social media presence so one needs to plan one’s strategies for effective business presence online for a longer time. It does not matter whether the visitor to the site comes via social media presence or via site search results and then goes back to social media reviews but having a presence on search and social is unavoidable.