All You Should Know About Hiring a Maid in Dubai

Even if you live solo, keeping the house uncluttered and clean can be tedious. With a spouse, children or pet; it becomes a real tough job with a feeling of endlessness. This is perhaps the only reason why people throw a dirty dish towel in the dustbin and prefer hiring a maid in Dubai or any other region. It’s indeed bit of a luxury and doesn’t happen for free however the end results are worth the price.

House maid in Dubai

Digital Image by Sean Locke
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Just like any other service, you need to know more about the individual or maid agency before they pour in your home with a mop and broom. We can classify a maid in Dubai in two types: independent cleaner who work on their own to earn a living and trained professionals employed at an agency. The independent service may turn foreboding lately as you’re responsible to look after various issues such as quality of cleaning, reliability, cost and insurance if they break something in your home.

On the contrary, such issues are dealt by the management if you hook up with a professional housekeeping service. Either way, make sure they’re certified and insured for your as well as their own safety. Insurance bond is important lest the cleaner broke something in your home or somehow injure himself as you won’t be held accountable.

The countless benefits

A typical maid in Dubai provide services that you mightn’t even though in the first place such as organising the wardrobe; something teenagers would definitely fall for, do the dishes and laundry as well.

  • Beyond the typical brooms & mops

Prices vary exorbitantly to the service as some cleaners would charge per hour while others do it per the number of tasks. Basic cleaning chores include the usual sweeping, mopping, dusting, wash interior windows and doors, laundry, cooking and much more.

  • Run a background check

This is important as you’re literally allowing stranger(s) in your home so always ask for references from the neighbors, friends and work colleagues who previously exploited the service. Conduct personal background check for reliability and perfection in work that’ll actually show up.

  • The walk through

This is where you relay demands to the cleaning agency, sort out the type and number of service(s) required. An agreement would be devised accordingly which you’ll sign but only after reading it thoroughly! Professional housekeepers always have a checklist prepared for each client thus saving time, cost and effort.

  • Children & pets

If you’ve children or pets in the house, it requires daily cleaning and maintenance. Do communicate with the service agency prior agreeing to the terms and conditions as cost may vary per the tasks. You don’t want to face any inconvenience or last-minute hassle when payment is due!

  • Employee relations

You should note that maids are hard-working individuals who clean up the mess we create. So they deserve respect and well treatment. Lest they aren’t carrying the job well, talk to them first rather than complaining straight to the higher management; this will strengthen the trust and communication gap.


Whether hiring a maid in Dubai or elsewhere, let the above information guide you all through!

How to Build High Quality Mobile E-Commerce App Store


The greater dream of reducing to the size of the palm of the hand has become a complete reality for all citizens today. Mobile computing is no longer the future but the present itself. All types of customers today for any business in the field of e-commerce belong to this category of access to products and services through mobile.

Mobile -ecommerce

Mobile in palm of a hand
Image credit- pixabay

Statistics tell us that the transition rate from PC usage to mobile usage is increasing dramatically today. Your customer is starting to trust the platform better than before to buy what you need. And this is obviously your best time to get started in the area by launching a mobile e-commerce application and gaining mileage before your competitors earn more frequency.

Mobile E-Commerce is the new monetization solution for online stores. Smartphones play a vital role in the decision to buy customers on the go, especially for those who decide to buy something in the momentum. Mobile commerce has become a bona fide e-commerce business with a growing number of people turning on their Internet-powered phones to make the purchase. The e-commerce industry has thus begun to roll on the mobile channel.

Online shopping | by Robbert Noordzij - Mobile e-commerce

Online shopping | by Robbert Noordzij

Reports indicate m-commerce as the future of e-commerce. This is the right time for all e-commerce businesses to go mobile, after all their customers are going mobile! . A native application of your e-commerce store that offers attractive features will eventually attract your target audience and increase sales. Getting a ready-to-use m-commerce solution that is of high quality and excellent performance is a good choice.

Recently, I came across a mobile commerce solution called Mob E-Commerce. This is a ready-made e-commerce solution that helps you create a native iPhone / Android application for your e-commerce store at ease and less time. The application can be integrated with popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento Mobile, Virtuemart, Prestashop or any other custom store. By deploying a native app from your e-commerce store with the logo of your store in the iTunes store and the Android market, it connects to the user base of millions of single-shot smartphones.

A fully loaded instant application of your e-commerce store allows your consumers to enjoy your shopping experience and rejoices at the purchase decision. The application allows mobile buyers to navigate through an optimized mobile phone with its outstanding features such as

  1. Highly efficient account management to easily manage user accounts
  2. Inspiring product display with various lists such as best sellers, wish list, favorite list etc.
  3. Professional shopping cart with easy interface
  4. Easy payment process
  5. Multilingual and multilingual support
  6. Integration with all compatible mobile payment gateways

E-commerce is all about big winnings through the advantage of the mobile web. When your potential consumers download and install your store application on their smartphones, they always remain associated with your audience. Your consumers feel comfortable and comfortable with your showcase that proportionally increases your business benefit. Get a mobile app for your e-commerce store and create the attractive way to shop for your mobile customers.

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5 Historical Places that sum up Independence Movement

The Partition Museum, Amritsar

Partition Museum, Independence Movement

The Town Hall in Amritsar that houses the Partition Museum (Sanjeev Verma/HT Photo)

The Partition Museum may have opened its doors only in 2016 but it has a wealth of records about events dating back to India’s Independence. This one-of-kind museum preserves the experiences of those displaced by the Partition of India in 1947. The final plan for the museum is to have seven galleries spread across 16000 sq.ft., with sections devoted to Independence and partition, migration, research, rehabilitation and resettlement and the gallery of hope.

While in Amritsar, also visit Jallianwala Bagh where a crowd of non-violent protestors were fired upon by the British troops on April 13, 1919.

Red Fort, Delhi

Red Fort, Delhi, Independence Day

Red Fort comes under security blanket for August 15
Image credit- Zee News

The Red Fort is the place where India’ first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, delivered the first Independence Day speech in 1947.

Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace, Pune, Independence Movement

Slice of history- Aga Khan Palace
Image credit- The Hindu

The beautiful Aga Khan Palace has paintings that depict Mahatma Gandhi’s life and the freedom struggle. This was the place where Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned after the Quit India Movement in 1942. He was accompanied by wife Kasturba and secretary Mahdevbhai.

Cellular Jail, Port Blair

Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Independence Movement

Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The term Kaala Pani refers to this particular jail. This remote jail in the middle of the Indian Ocean was where freedom fighters, such Veer Savarkar, and Batukeshwar Dutt were exiled. At the museum, displays include tools used to torture the inmates. A must-attend is the sound and light show which displays stories about India’s struggle for freedom.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India, Mumbai, Independence Movement

Gateway of India
Image Credit- NDTV News

This is the site from where the last British troops left India. While the Gateway of India was built to mark the landing of King George V and Queen Mary of Apollo Bunder, this was also the place marking the end of British rule as the British troops left India.


Bollywood celebrities recreated FEEL of Independence with MAGIC VIDEOS

The onstart of independence weekend witnessed Haider star Shahid Kapoor posting a video in a celebratory fervour followed by his co-stars Sonakshi Sinha, Diljit Dosanjh and Bolly mates Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Disha Patani, Neha Sharma , Nargis Fakhri, Sunil Grover and Kajal Aggarwal, where the cinestars are shaking their heads onto their favorite tracks with some magical embedded effects.

Screenshot of Bollywood Celebrity


With elation because of getting a long weekend and the upcoming 70th Independence day, celebs and youth shared happiness by posting an array of enticing videos via the LIKE app.

Like app logo

These actors showcased their creativity by choosing to enact scenes that are usually witnessed at award stage shows, superhero action flicks or fantasy based movies such as the Harry Potter series.

Celebrities even posed challenge to their fans to create their own video using the app and get creative with the special effects. The best videos will be chosen to get chance to click a selfie with their favorite stars.

Shahid Kapoor

Throughout the day, social media was flooded with ‘Bolly freak screenagers’ posting their videos with the embedded effects as a reply to challenge posed by their favorite stars.

Jai Vilas Palace

The Jai Vilas Palace in Gwalior is a grand example of the opulence and elegance that were the hallmarks of the erstwhile princely abodes. It was built in 1875 by Jayajirao Scindia, the Maharaja of Gwalior. A part of the palace (35 rooms) has now converted into a museum while the remaining area continues to be occupied by the Scindia family.

Gwalior Palace

JaiVilas Palace Gwalior – panoramio

The palace is a unique blend of various European architectural styles, drawing inspiration from Buckingham Palace, Palace of Versailles and the Greek ruins. Even the interiors reflect a distinct European influence as most of the furniture, tapestries and artifacts are from France and Italy.

The Durbar Hall is undoubtedly the most impressive with walls adorned with gold leaves and an ornate gilded ceiling. A pair of Belgian’ style chandeliers weighing several tonnes is said to be among the largest in the world. The story goes that ten elephants were taken on to the roof to test the strength of the building before the chandeliers were hung! Fine Persian carpets, ornate mirrors, heavy draperies and antique French furniture- all make for a true royal experience.

But the crowing glory is certainly the electric silver train with cut-glass wagons. The elegant train would chug around on miniature silver rails serving guests seated around a massive dining table.

The queen Chinoo Rani’s chambers are unique. Chinoo Rani was particularly short and the king had everything customized to her height! Among her personal memorabilia, her bejewelled mini slippers are indeed fascinating!

A beautifully crafted Venetian cut-glass cradle is used for Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami.


Preparing For August 21

Solar eclipse update…

La Paz Group

8187625485_8f1546a1da_o-1260x708 Solar eclipse of November 13, 2012 as seen from Australia. Photo © Romeo Durscher on NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr through a Creative Commons license

Thanks to Cool Green Science for this set of instructions for North American viewing of the sun’s near-disappearance:

Where will you be on August 21, 2017 when the solar eclipse passes through North America?

Here’s a guide to viewing opportunities, including Nature Conservancy preserves where you can catch the spectacle in beautiful surroundings.

Solar eclipses can be viewed from the earth’s surface about two to four times a year, but they aren’t viewable from all parts of the earth’s surface and the path of totality (the places on Earth from which viewers can see the total eclipse) is only about 50 miles wide. Eclipse 2017 stands out because the path of totality cuts a wide swath through the United States and all of…

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Free Microsoft Outlook Add-ins and Plugins


There are following Outlook email tools that are  geared toward making your email experience faster, secure, creative and efficient. They are organized into four groups:

Third party integrations with popular websites and tools
Security and privacy
Productivity and efficiency
Top free add-ons and plugins

Outlook Plugins That Connect to Other Devices, Systems and Software

Google Apps Sync:  Google gives you millions of products that are helpful for your business. Without Google app there would be no entrance for Outlook users.

GoToMeeting Plugin: GoToMeeting start you video chat and work together audibly with other people anywhere in the whole world. This is helpful to schedule and update meeting details directly with your Outlook account.

Microsoft SMS: This feature of Outlook offers you an Outlook messaging to your mobile phone. You can also send text from your account through mobile, also to group chat and save message in the draft

Hotmail Connector: If you have two email accounts like Hotmail and Outlook then you can see this connector to show Hotmail from Outlook UI.

Hightail for Outlook:  People usually face problem when they send a large email attachment, for that Outlook provides you a Mail2Cloud functionality.

Mail2Cloud Fusion: Allows you to send large attachments with your business email from any device like mobile and via an email.

Outlook Social Connector: For more proper management and acknowledgement, Microsoft social connector will jerk pictures of your family and friend through Facebook and directly add them to the corresponding address.

Out Twit: Start tweeting from email with “out twit” feature you can update your Twitter status from Outlook account and even save tweets from people who follow through an emails. You can also search tweets and receive Twitter updates.

Outlook Email Add on That Enhance Security and Privacy

Spam Bayes: SPAM can damage your computer system and get your personal data and information. Spam Bayes is used for the statistical analysis to check which email is genuine. It is different and advanced tool that will always clean your inbox.

Outlook Password (Add-On):  An Outlook password, you will not need to remember. This tool will save your password in  PST files. You can easily recover the password without having a backup email in case you locked out. Very simple set up which is found in all outlook editions.

Business Email Security: It offers you a transparent safe and secure email and as well as attachment that delivers to every device. Only for business emails. This will be integrated with your email which is automatically safe for your attachments as per defined security level.

Move and Delete Watchdog: Sometimes it happens that unintentionally you delete your important file and emails but with this tool you are stressfree. Move and delete Watchdog will show you a pop up window for confirmation saying ‘do you agree to delete or move folder or not?’

Highly Rated, Popular, and Free Outlook Add-ins

mxHero:  An enterprise that creates Mail2cloud also has an Outlook utility with multiple feature. It has – schedule an email to be send later, email self-destructing, give BCC delivery and the advance option is to track certain recipient

Genius Connect: Syncs your Outlook folders with any SQL databases. A great tool for technical users and professionals.

Code Two Catman:  It has central management for an Outlook class. Also perfectly configures files, folders and other users of Outlook platform. It is like you being in the cloud.

Code Two Outlook Sync:  Same with other feature you can sync your outlook data within two computers. When association and allocation with a coworker is essential, try using this tool to speed up the process and keep everyone on the same level.

Advanced Security: We all desire that our account will be safe and secure, but a complain that every user of an Outlook has is their irritating pop ups and notification. Advanced Security gets rid of such irritating alerts by putting you in charge of how to handle security threats.

Pocket Knife Peek: This add on will have messages appear without showing them, very good for email security and for SPAM which disrupts your computer or email account.

Taglocity: Easily add tags to new messages, tasks, calendar events and more with Taglocity. Keep your inbox organized with the ability to categorize everything in Outlook.

Search Maps: This feature mean you have map search in your account. It give a direction where you want to be and estimated time to reach that place.

Text Lightning: Text lightening is useful for sales and supportive professionals. It can use email snipper, filter their email by products key and forever delete an email with just one click.

Outlook Stat View:  Data, It’s drives our behavior and helps you to adjust in ways that make our work more efficient and organized. This cool add on shows you how much you communicate with different contacts. The emails are separated by date, bcc or cc, and include the volume of emails by you and them.

Outlook on the Desktop: Gain control for particular features in your outlook email when you are offline is very much helpful. Like your calendar. Visit on top of appointments and tasks with Outlook on the Desktop, and don’t worry about where you are going to find internet while you were on the drive.

Sender’s Time Zone: Do you have any experience to communicate via email with people overseas? If yes, having their time zone on hand could increase response rates. It definitely could stop you from sending an email at a time when the recipient is sleeping hours or night.

Advanced Folders Watch: Advanced Folders Watch updates your email response productivity by organizing your most important emails automatically. Just set criteria and keywords you want used.

Mail Washer:
 Fighting SPAM shouldn’t cost the user. This tool allows you to showing an email before it is downloaded to your inbox, giving you a safe look of the contents before it can do any damage in your system. Viruses that could cause mess on your computer are kept at bark with this free Outlook add on.


Author bio–  Lisa Ruxandra has recently started assignment writing  and writes articles on various topics/categories – technology, lifestyle, business etc.